Random Community Artwork

@SalvorinFex and @riddim inspired me to be more artistic. It was a nice relief from staring at numbers all day. I didn’t want to hijack Kurt’s great Desktop Wallpaper thread so here you go.


(These images are provided as CC BY-SA 4.0 - in reference to MaidSafe’s brand assets.)


You should post these on instagram / FB with #safenetwork or #MaidSafe so they get the exposure they deserve :slight_smile:


You know those images of bitcoins that are actual coins that have circuitry on them? I really want to see images of those but for Safecoin! I know a guy who could machine one on a CNC possibly if someone could get me the CAD file for it. I think CNC’s still use CAD. I’ll look more into unless someone knows off the top of their heads. Either way a computer generated image of one would be cool too. Having that kind of art could really help bloggers who start talking about Safecoin.

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I’d use #safenetwork since that’s been the push.


I was thinking of having a few those metal safenetwork logos machined or printed in brass, but I figured it was still too premature for that. For now, and for fun, I just had some acrylic sliced up for jewelry prototypes. A closeup of the raw cut is what was used to generate the wallpaper images above.

It will be a weekend or after school project for me and the kids to see if we can make some pretty safelaces ie. “necklaces”, “safelets” ie. bracelets, or saferings, as their mother and I try to engage them with arts and craft time vs. tv and computer…


Nice @jlpell ! Homeschooled by chance? Also the CNC machines are in a shop with lots of copper, just an FYI if you ever have CAD files.

These are great, well done!

I’m not sure how to create a model for CNC but I’ll try to figure it out.


No, not that lucky.

I can do it but It depends on the specific machine that will be used. You will need to create tool path offsets. There is a variety of software that helps automate this but most of it is proprietary and not open source. Autodesk Fusion 360 has some nice capability and is low cost. FreeCAD and OpenScad are a bit harder to use but free. I can help, but I think 3D printing would probably be a better way to go in the interim to test out a variety of options. It looks like some effort and discussion has already happened in this direction as as shown in the forum:


If you make a 3D model & export in. igs /. stp or whatever, plus a dxf of the lines, it’ll be dead easy for anyone with the right software setup for their machine to turn it into gcode they need to cut the parts.

Could always try emachineshop, protolabs, or another online CNC system to get a small quantity produced, though it can be a bit pricey compared to getting someone with a machine & some willingness to help to do it :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help! I’ve been playing around in Fusion 360 for a couple of hours. Posting some pics of the model I’m building: