Raise money for Maidsafe using the NFT market

Have you heard of NFTs? They are non-fungible tokens. I think the whole thing is totally ridiculous but I am wrong about a lot of things. I’m wrong more than 50% of the time.

Maybe there would be a market for Maidsafe memorabilia NFTs. We could take the first Maidsafe update in 2014. Eureka! NFT. Maybe my awesome profile photo. Voila! NFT. What about the entire SAFE Network codebase? NFT.

I’m a little worried these things might be in bad taste. It’s not always about the money, right? But if we do this, the time to do it is right now. Also, other people might do it if we don’t. If someone is going to make money off my awesome profile photo, it better be me.


You will do NFT on the first dev update, I will do NFT on the first dev update. Which is the real NFT… :wink:

NFTs are stupid, yes people give money for them, but they will be the first to lose their value in the bear market…


You might be wrong there. Are you sure it’s not only 41.3%? :wink:


If NFTs end up being a thing, the is nowhere that will do them as well as Safe. If you look into the ones issued so far, including the Beeple $69m stunt (which was paid for by an NFT venture owner) it appears they are being done very badly (using IPFS for storage, including in some cases certificates containing URLs which go via a conventional DNS domain - durr).

With Safe data will be perpetual, URLs will be perpetual, and this will be a compelling incentive for any serious NFT venture. But as we see they aren’t serious - they are pushing an old, previously failed idea under a new name.

If this becomes real the place to do it will be Safe.



This meme is fantastic. I think it should be the very first NFT.

Let’s say we did go ahead with this idea. What would be the simplest and most transparent way to share these proceeds with Maidsafe? Maybe we could just direct all of the proceeds to Maidsafe’s public Ethereum address. It wouldn’t hurt to have a small team work on it instead of just me, the execution would be a lot better.

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You might be wrong again. Go ahead and do it. Maybe you’ll strike gold. Your heart seems to be in the right place.

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Thanks Sascha that is very nice.

If anyone ever makes NFT money off Maidsafe memorabilia, we need to try to get all of that money to Maidsafe that’s where it belongs.

I’m not going to do it right now. I still believe the NFT market is just silly. I shouldn’t be creating or selling a product I don’t believe in. But we need to stay on top of this market it is a real thing, like art or collectibles.

I changed the name of the topic to be more descriptive.

Thanks for all of your input.

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