Radical Proposal Requiring Community Feedback ;)

I’m unsure about the timing of this, but I’m going to throw it out for discussion anyway.

This proposal is designed to offer the hard workers at the core of MaidSafe an opportunity, in case they’re unwilling to take it for themselves…

At some point soon, should we, the community, “force” those who’ve been working REALLY hard, to take a break from SAFE for a while?

Why would I ask this? I imagine those most deeply involved in this project could benefit from a break. Maybe some time off would allow them to come back refreshed and invigorated. I also imagine that they wouldn’t want to take a break because they’re desperate to get this done. Or maybe they’re worried that it may cause panic and silly speculation about the future of the project among the community.

I propose that we consider putting pressure on those who’ve been working extraordinarily hard to have a holiday (not necessarily everyone at once). The idea is that if the community visibly pushes for this to be ‘a viable option’, it negates any perceived instability which could arise from this being organised from within. Do you know what I mean?

Anyone who devotes this much of their lives towards this kind of thing deserves a holiday at some point, don’t they?

I’m not sure that I’m good with people, so sorry if this is patronising or insulting.
I can imagine a variety of responses to this and am curious to see what you all think…


We do have holidays, it is hard work though and long hours, but not everyone does super crazy hours. There are a few culprits though and we do try and make sure they take time off, even forced.

I took 2 weeks off last year and hope I can this year as well at some stage. The bigger issue is just lack of enough people and that is being addressed just now. There will be bedding in time for sure, but it’s looking good.

In terms of moving forward though we do need to ensure the workload is handled properly. We will be fine though, honestly it’s not as hard as folk think if you’re motivated.

Thanks a lot for the thought, but we will be fine, when we launch we will all get a massive charge of energy.


I would totally contribute to a care package or the likes


Absolutely not. Let them finish the job, then there will be time to rest.

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Damn son, savage.


I have a little holiday let in Pembrokeshire. If any of the maidsafe team ever fancy a few days away then I’d be happy to host them here free of charge…

I will PM David the link in case anyone there is interested.


Scotcoin has connections with a very fine away from it all ex-hunting lodge in NW Sutherland - beaches, fishing, hillwalking, birdwatching stag-watching (no shooting) etc etc

Happy to chip in for the Holiday Fund for (Dis)Stressed Devs.
One condition - they don’t use Barrhead Travel <-- local topical Scottish political joke - except it’s no joke