R O A D M A P - Why can't we have one?

Hello everyone!

Once again, I would like to ask about the progress of the progress being made… I think a roadmap is necessary. I didn’t take part in the crowdsale, but I own some Safecoins at the moment.

I think that having a roadmap (especially an understandable one) is a must, primarily for the people who invested in the crowdsale.

It has been almost 2 years since the crowdsale and the project is taking longer than initially anticipated. People that are interested in the project can’t clearly see how the development is going, except those who are following the project for some time now and read the dev updates.

Someone from the project started working on the roadmap 1.5 months ago So please please, finish with the roadmap.

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The main focus is on releasing the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) right now, after that there will be an update roadmap.


Yeah I’d prefer a WIP network over a roadmap.

But that’s just me :slight_smile:

As @Melvin correctly points out the teams focus has been on the MVP, we will include an update for this in this weeks Dev Update. You are right though a roadmap is necessary.