Quorum based access to data

I’ve been observing the latest developments from a distance. I have a query that I hope someone can shed light on, and I apologize if this has been discussed elsewhere. Mods, please feel free to move this thread.

My question revolves around the concept of shared data access on the SAFE Network. Suppose a group, such as a family or a small work team, wishes to set up a “shared drive” on the network. How would the permission system work in this scenario? More specifically, is there a mechanism where access can be granted based on a quorum? For instance, can permissions be set up in such a way that two members need to authenticate before the data becomes accessible to either of them or to a third member of the group?


Yes. So caveat - We have not given the APIs etc. for this to be smooth, yet.
As we use BLS for the keys we get multisig for free, or more correctly threshold signing / encrypt and decrypt.

With that we can do as you suggest (m of n) for data, wallets and whatever else SAFE ends up with (safe’s soon).