Quick start pointers to develop for SAFE

I’d like to try my hand at developing for the SAFE network, might also get a few ideas for some further videos also. Am a programmer and would like to get to know the API and safe code as intimately as I can in my spare time, perhaps trace through even attempt to modify a browser to work on SAFE mostly so I can learn to program apps that don’t go through or rely upon the SAFE browser.

Any pointers?


Have you taken a look at https://forum.safedev.org/ already? I’m not active there myself, but a quick look at the frontpage shows some tutorials.


Before I wade in, @folaht might have some tips as he’s been through this mill just recently.

What kind of language and application experience do you have?

Long list, you name it, Java, C, C++, C#.
scripting matlab, octave. bash, php, python, perl.
.net frame work. Api creation. native apps on andoird. Unity development.

Rust… only just started looking at it, but once you write a few hello world programs, you almost there eh?

My background is electronic engineering, post grad computer science, phd maths.

I’m an engineer first, can’t lose that mindset - so love solving problems and playing with things.
Can turn my hand to most things after watching a few tutorials.

Point me to a pile of documentation and lock me in a room. :wink:


All I’ve done is made my own site and I know how to upload it to a local maidsafe network.
I haven’t done any API app stuff.

In that case I’m not sure what to suggest :slight_smile: are there things you haven’t found or are wondering might exist?

Latest API docs and examples, and posts on how to develop are linked from the last forum update. So if you haven’t already, start there and ask anything you need help with.

Also look at code community members have put out on test 18 of course.

Do you have any projects in mind yet? There’s lots of ideas in the apps topics, and several projects that would love a bit of help. I even have a couple myself but not enough time :slight_smile:


I’m pretty much in the same boat as you. I’m just reading through the dev forum, RFCs, and sample apps to get started. One of the sample apps is an ‘API playground’ that lets you execute script commands in a textbox, so I think that one will be useful for playing around with ideas and figuring out how things work.


That is good your ahead of me ! Thanks