Quick Start for Farming, etc. on Safe Network

Need some help keep getting access to registry path is denied.

@bochaco sorry to bother you but any help appreciated

I have the same problem :slightly_frowning_face:
If I run bash as Admin, installation succeeds, but Safe still does not exist.

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Glad it’s not just me. You know it will be something silly but so annoying isn’t it :rage:

I’ve not been Windows user for long time now, but I think you need a Gitbash console with admin perms to install it (some instructions here: sn_api/README.md at master · maidsafe/sn_api · GitHub), then you may need to open a new console so the CLI is found in the PATH, at that point you should be able to run the safe -V (note the white space there @scottefc86 ) command to confirm it installed and the right version

Done that but now says safe:command not found

had to manually add the Path to work


This does not seem like a simple test net to run

Yes, it sounds like that’s the good way to resolve it. Windows has always been tricky for us to make it as simple as all this is for Linux and Mac, hopefully we’ll get better ideas and suggestions to improve it.


It’s not, but it isn’t too hard if you have a little time and ask for help. It will be much easier when the Safe Network App is updated which will follow once key bugs are ironed out.

In the mean time if it is too hard right now, look out for some community guides as I think people will share their learning - be nice to have a step-by-step for each of Windows, MacOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi etc.


Its not, if you aren’t technically inclined. It was never aimed at average users

Hi, I have a question and worry about farming and being targeted for attacks.

For example if someone were to use a home internet to farm in the safenet while using the clearnet. Does this cause the connection and data on the clearnet to be at risk of being intercepted and modem firewalls can’t stop it?

Or is the clearnet data for instance website visits, login details separate from safenet where we do not need to make any firewall changes to the modem to allow us to host on the safenet?

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You may be mincing terms a bit here, which could be leading to some confusion.

The “clearnet” just means using the internet infrastructure in a “dumb” way. That is to say, you make a server, tell everybody it’s IP, and let people connect to you.

What makes the Safe Net different from the clearnet is the organization, but they ultimately use the same infrastructure of wires, cables, and more fundamental protocols/algorithms. Instead of having people contact you via an address that is intrinsically tied to your identity, the address of the content on the Safe Net is not tied to your real-world identity.

Safe Net is built on top of the “clearnet” in some sense. “Clearnet” vs “Safe Net” is more indicative of the organization of the network. Firewalls and encryption work at a more fundamental level, and are shared by both.

As far as the content of websites, login details, etc. Data on the clearnet is not interoperable with the Safe Net. Copies of data can be pulled between the clearnet and the Safe Net, but ultimately the data that resides on the Safe Net is incompatible with the clearnet versions that exist.

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After runing sn_cli I am not able to continue. I can only start cargo build and restart will not help to move to start with command safe, safe node install or add maidsafe-testnet
So please help.

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If you run the program like that in interactive mode (which is the default behaviour when you build from source and type cargo run) you get a slightly different interface. Type help and it’ll give you a list of commands you can use (basically every command of the form safe cat, etc. but without the leading safe). Thus in interactive mode safe cat becomes cat.

Note that -V won’t work in interactive mode afaik. In general, from anecdotal experience, building from source and interacting wit it via cargo run is not my recommended way to interact with Safe Net right now. There are some weird bugs that crop up in this mode (especially on Windows). You’re probably better off using the binaries provided.

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