Questions my wife asks?

My wife keeps asking questions and I need to justify maid over food lol.

And some times my answers are lacking in technical depth.

Question 1

If maid safe stores all versions of a website forever to preserve human knowledge I definatley. Then what happens with a subscription based news service.

Ie if the Gotham times is a subscription based news source and it goes out of business and in 100 years someone wants to access an article on it how do they access it as they can no longer get a subscription?

Question 2

If you have created a social media account and posted your pictures to it how do you revoke the access to your pictures and or posts on a twitter like service.

I said you revoke the apps access to your data and it will no longer be accessible.

She asked if after they are posted are they not public and available forever as imutible data on the twitter or face book like website?


I’ll take some stabs here

A subscription based service might issue a new access key to members each month they are paid up. They’d still have the keys for the older stuff they’d already paid for, so if they stop paying then they will just not have access to the newer stuff. So even if the business goes away, the access keys you paid for and still possess, would still grant you access to the information/data.

You don’t. It’s harsh sounding, but if you’ve already shared your personal info with someone, then no matter what you might be able to do even on the existing internet, those you’ve shared with could have made a copy. Only share what you are comfortable with the world potentially being able to see for … basically ever.


Cheers for the insight

So if the Gotham times goes bust hopefully it would make its articles and encryption keys public for future generations.

For the face book like social media type site next question is if you have a friends list and say I add you @TylerAbeoJordan to my friends list for January then unfriend you would you always have access to my January posts which were for friend list only and not posted to the whole public?

If you hadn’t specifically copied them prior to being defriended?

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If you had the decryption keys still, then you’d still have access on Safe because the data itself is perpetual and once it’s shared, it’s out in the wild. So only way I can think of to secure from everyone seeing it, is to encrypt it and then share decryption keys with those who’ve paid for access.

Social media will depend on how it’s built of course. If it also uses some sort of decryption key base and those keys are shared to a friends list on posting (so each post has it’s own key), then I suppose if you unfriended someone and didn’t give them keys any longer, then they’d not be able to see any new things, but of course, they’d still see the old things they had keys for. However a social media platform on Safe wouldn’t have to be built that way - it could be wide open and searchable, or it could be open but with only limited search, such that you might get a notice from someone who wanted to friend you and they once you gave the okay then they’d have access to all of it for all time.

Alternatively perhaps a social media network could be built that is only all local storage and Safe is just used as a communications layer and not a storage layer. In which case, once the friendship is cut all access to the info is cut …

However, and generally speaking, once info is made public, you can’t be certain that someone somewhere doesn’t have a copy of the info. So don’t make public info you aren’t happy to have out in the wild.


That is how I’d always assumed things would work and my data would always remain mine.

But as you said it will depend on how the site is built

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Your account hold the keys to each article. The news site publishes each article with a different key, the subscription service sends the keys to your account/App and so when you want to read an article the App decodes the article and presents it.

The App is not restricted so people can access any article they received while subscribed since the keys are held in your data store.

The App used controls the permissions for your data, its not public. When you remove a person the APP can revoke permissions for that person on all (or some if the App is capable) your data.

Each person accesses the data by using their ID and if allowed then they can read it.

BUT if they copied the data then they’ve got it no matter what you do.

No, only public data is public, the rest can be private.

Also encryption of the data can prevent someone stumbling on it (small chance) to be able to read it