Questions for podcast interviews

It seems that the last podcast with Viv was quite well received.

@Stark suggested that more such would be desirable and that an expansion of that give-and-take, with community questions would be to good benefit. I agree.

So here’s my immediate suggestion, to be modified by experience as needed:

Anyone who has questions (specific or general) that you’d like to have talked about in an interview, please send me a message on this forum, email to, or post in this topic. I’ll use them to work out who we should interview and what to ask/talk about, and see if that greases the connections amongst all the community participants.

Guest suggestions are, of course, always welcome.

I’ll have to use my judgment (and that of @nicklambert, @dirvine, etc., of course) as to how to proceed, so don’t expect instant or complete satisfaction, but the input would be appreciated.


Really love this idea – thank you for all you’ve been doing, @fergish. I think I’ve listened to all your Crossroads and Technology+Choice podcasts so far, and have learned a heck of a lot in the process. (My favorite remains the one about the school children learning about MaidSafe and experimenting with investing … so awesome to hear about the barriers large and small that the project has been crossing.)

My main question atm has to do with what new things—forms of communication and transaction, etc—could be enabled by the SAFE Network? So 5 or 10 years out, if all goes according to plan, what will we be able to do with the Network that we aren’t able to do now? This may be largely speculative (imaginative?), but I think trying to visualize some of the possibilities could go a long way towards getting folks involved in the project.


My vote is to hear @AndreasF 's thoughts on current and future development. Casting some light on some of the unsolved problems in routing. Ideas on how to tackle them, the feasibility of various attacks including ISP collusion, and personal thoughts on what he envisions the routing layer will ultimately look like at 95% completion. I think that will be a good starting point in what will be developer engagement podcasts.

As you might already know routing is the circulatory system of this network. NOTHING being more critical to the actualization of this technology (aside from the mental and physical health of the engineers of course :wink: ). For this reason I believe we should regularly place a magnifying glass over it for all to see.


John, with the greatest respect, could you consider doing some shorter podcasts? 1 hour+ is a bit of a mouthful for thosse who have many demands on their time. But I hate to skip any of your podcasts in case I miss any gems.
The section where Viv gave an explanation of the routing was one such gem.
Could you consider editing that out to a stand-alone piece?

I’m sure it could be replayed many times to fix the concepts behind routing in our minds.
Or possibly get David or (say) Fraser or a few of the other staff to give their version of how they explain routing to themselves. I’m sure we would all benfit from that - and do likewise for other aspects of the network.

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Yeah, I know it was too long. We just got going and it took time to touch on all we meant to. I usually like to keep the podcasts under an hour or closer to 45 minutes if possible. Oops. Viv was just a lot of fun.

I like the idea of pulling that part out as a separate bit. I’ll have to listen through and see if a decent edit if feasible.

I’ll see about getting a unique picture from the others when I get them. Fraser is a great idea. I’ll see what I can do.


Hey I don’t mind. I’d listen to your pod cast while working out, traveling, or just enjoying a cold one. IMHO you should just let the interviews ride until their natural conclusion then do a distillation for others with less time. For me, the more content the better. Give me more to chew on while I wait with alacrity for the real deal live network to hit the web streets. :sunglasses:


Ah if only I had time to travel or enjoy a cold one…
When (attempting) to work out, I have to concentrate too hard on breathing to listen to a podcast - it’s the roaring in the ears that puts the tin lid on it…

Ah but seriously, we have been dabbling in podcasts ourslves for the Scotcoin Project and the consensus was to keep it to 15 mins or so - and always leave them wanting more


@Southside, what about if someone was to edit the podcasts into 15 minute segments. Say all the related stuff kept together so that each of the segments are interesting and a satisfying listen by themselves.

And no I am not able/capable.


A good start would be for someone (not me) to go through the podcasts and mark out where the “gems” are. Then John can do the neat editing.
Problem is the good bits don’t always come in 15 min chunks



lol!!! Funny as hell!!

I’d be curious to hear what people outside the immediate MaidSafe community think … Devs from other projects, major supporters of MaidSafe, journalists who seem to “get it,” etc.


Thanks @fergish. I find it really amazing how you do it, I listen more to your podcasts than I listen to music at work. I should have given a shout out to @Viv in your podcast’s topic, he did a real good explaining that they got to solve problem never tackled before (It’s good if people thought about that, before complaining) also liked how the network checks nodes resources before taking action, sorry if this mess up the numbers a little, but I listen 3x to the one with Viv these past days