Questions about the Fleming roadmap

Hello dear friends!

I have been following the Maidsafe/Safe Network journey since 2016, I have always found the idea of the network fascinating!
Unfortunately I really haven’t been able to follow the project for about 2 years. However, now i am back to reading the wonderful weekly updates the team gives us :slight_smile:

I guess I wanted to ask about the current roadmap of the SAFE Network. I was wondering that what are the biggest hurdles to overcome to make it to the Safe Fleming Network?
The roadmap shows that only SNT farming needs to be finished, but I understand that there still is other stuff to be fixed/updated/developed, and those things are hard to update to the roadmap site.

Does it seem that there is a long way to get to the Fleming Network, or are we getting close?

I understand that the development of the SAFE network is very complicated and bugs and other problems are impossible to predict. I am just curious about the next steps in the development of the SAFE Network .

Cheers to the fantastic team! :slight_smile:


We are all out focussed on a stable testnet with DBCs and then adding in data payments. So Fleming, if you like, it does feel like there is great and steady progress.


Thanks David! Great to hear that good progress is being made. I will have to read more about these DBC:s :smiley: