Questions about SAFE

I have some questions. First I want to describe when, and how I stumbled upon MaidSafe and the SAFE project.

Friday night I sat in my sofa reading my ususal IT sites and on Techcrunch it revealed!
To a couple of questions; What do you see this as? Kind of the new internet? Is it the new LastPass? Homepages? Business homepages? or all the above just based on users and anonymity?

I also wonder; will the users be deleted before launch and the Public ID? I wonder because I like to think that I have quite a few good Public ID names…:stuck_out_tongue:

To start, SAFEnetwork is secure anonymous storage and messaging, then it’s a new internet with built in scalable application platform and massively scalable high volume anonymous cryptocurrency with payments & micropayments (no need for developers to create server infrastructure because users pay for it as it scales), but beyond it can be even more with scalable access to compute and features built on top if this platform that we have not even thought of yet! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this clear answer!
Can you recommend something (:P) to start learning? For example basic html? I intend to learn and maybe become wiser by doing.

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Depends on where you are starting from and where you might like to go.

HTML/CSS and possibly JavaScript is a great way to learn about web technology and to build applications that anyone can use from a browser - regardless of device (mobile/PC/laptop/tablet etc) or operating system.

A language such as Python are easy to learn but more complicated if you want to distribute apps for different devices and operating systems.

Using npm plus electron as MaidSafe have for the SAFE Demo app and the SAFE Launcher has the best of both worlds, so also a good option, although you might start with some simpler HTML/CSS/JavaScript first if you haven’t any experience of this.

For more sophisticated applications or working on the core a language such as Rust would be great. It may be a bit harder to learn than Python, but not that hard I think because it is well supported and has good error messages and comprehensive build system.

Hope that helps. There are lots of people here willing to help people wanting to learn so keep asking and you shall receive! :slight_smile:

Good luck.

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Will check out available opportunities! Thanks again!

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Hi happybeing!
I have a question, what’s the difference between Safe Network and Tor?

Tor is like a decentralised VPN whereas SAFE is a whole new internet - an alternative rather than a tool. Hope that helps.


Future, take a look here: