Questions about Safe Network Please help:

I have kept this project on the back burner in my brain for years now - as I’m sure you all have. I watched some youtube videos from a few months back ----made around April, May ish … by apparently a pretty top guy within the project. He said we were very close now…

My questions: My idea of safe network is this in a broad stroke > You upload whatever file or data you want, that data gets shredded into a million pieces and redistributed all over the globe by other participants running the network. ----- Not only does it do this but it also is 100% , no shady under the table stuff, but 100% open source code for the whole world to audit??? ----- AND on top of that the only way to get your data back is by having the key that unlocks the puzzle box and the network magically brings all the pieces back together so the person with the key can do whatever they want with that data… Do I have all this correct??

Assuming all of the above is true: That leaves me with 2 questions. 1) If that is indeed “the system” (more or less) ----- then what is the weak link? The way I access the network from a browser interface point of view? Or … some other way?? I would assume that would be the ONLY vector of real attack is HOW I access the network, no?? Please advise on security here…

  1. ---- Again, Assuming all of this works like I described above, ----- Wouldn’t that make the need for “hardware wallets” obsolete? In a sense anyway… because in my mind I’m thinking this >> Make a freakin’ master list of all your crypto / passwords / seeds / the whole 9… Zip it, Encrypt it, upload it to Safe Network … forget about it.

Seems like a damn good spot to store precisely that > A master list of all your crypto. And according to Safe network, if I have this correct ----- they don’t care if you’re Charles Manson or Baron Trump or John Doe #756… they , the network, they don’t care and don’t want to care if I have understood correctly thus far… Please advise about all. Thank you.


You are pretty much correct, certainly on the key points.

I think the weak link is the device you use to access the network (mobile, laptop etc). The network makes it easier to keep this secure, for example using Safe Browser saves you from many of the risks which current web browsing exposes your client device. So if you have a device which only ever connected to Safe that would be better than one you use for other things as well.

This is why having hardware wallets will still be useful for the medium term, until Safe can perform that function and not care if your device (mobile, laptop etc) is compromised. Otherwise, information that is unencrypted on the client device, even just in memory, could be stolen if it is compromised. That’s some way off, but would be the next step in terms of removing the weak link (client device compromised).


Yea mobile first when Pegasus is around is a tough one now. AFAIK Pegasus can inject onto a phone with no sending viruses etc. This is a killer for privacy (i.e. humanity) as it’s like dud hardware now. Watching this one closely as it’s a serious issue for anyone and any ios/android mobile now.

I hope for a tech backlash to prevent this in future, but we will see.


Will there be some sort of “bridge” in the browser to allow access to the outside web?

Or is the Safe Browser for inside the safenetwork only?

safenetwork only

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Thank you. I believe at one point the goal was to have an “inside the network” fully functional “web” as we are used to on the outside?

In other words, I can build a website inside the safe network. Correct? Or do I have that confused with another project?

Yes you will be able to.

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If you don’t mind me asking… from a strictly technical point of view… if you take out the “web building” in Safe Network and only have the “data storage” feature alone…

Don’t you just basically have SIA coin? ----- KEEP IN MIND I am not a troll and not trying to pick any fights. I want Safe Network to succeed. Very much. ---- I just want to know if I’m thinking about this correctly. In the crypto space / in general terms … if you rip out the website building function inside of Safe Networks “Umbrella” ---- what are you left with??? You’re left with a data storage system.

Same as SIA ----- maybe different code, maybe crappier code compared to SafeNetwork but in general… I’m right? Yes?

The reason I’m asking is because SIA is up and running NOW… and I’d like to test some “data storage” theories on SIA before I port those theories over to Safe Network. That’s why I’m asking.

Best thing would be for you to have a look at the Safe Network Primer .
Technical aspects are not entirely up to date, but the most important part is the Foundamental Principles.
The basic difference, from the way I see it, is that SIA is based on a blockchain, in the sense that the data layer is separate from the recording of transactions, which sits on a ledger, with all the related limitations in terms of throughput and transaction speed.
Imagine having to write to the blockchain data relative to concurrent changes to a document edited by multiple people (very simplified view, but you get the gist).
In the Safe Network, the data itself is a form of ledger (again, very simplified), but one that uses perticular signing and messaging technologies that enable very high throughput. And when I say data, that could be anything; imagine a Turing machine, where data is manipulated for computation, for example.
Happy to be corrected by more technical people, but that’s my satellite-view of it.


So what you’re saying is I need to do some research and catch up on the ‘data storage’ space in crypto land and see which one is the best… and fastest. ----- As I said, I’m merely testing theories to import over to safenetwork so at least I have the fundamentals down - in my head.

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The sound isn’t great, but I think you might find this talk I did on the ramifications and possibilities of the Safe Network useful.