Question on pending Alpha 2 release

Is it true that the original plan was to enable vaults from home with alpha 2? I read it in bitcointalk forum but not sure if this is correct. Will alpha 3 release include vaults?

How original do you mean (years ago?)

No it has not been a plan since the recent roadmap was done. Many months at least. And before that I am not sure if it ever was.

No vaults.

There will home nodes from my understanding without the vault functionality.

Look at alpha 4 before expecting vaults.


I gather the current plan seems to be along the lines of;

  • Alpha 2 will not include vaults from home
  • Alpha 3 will include routing nodes from home, but not vaults for data
  • Alpha 4 is likely to include vaults from home

Things can change, and yes, the original plan way back was that everything would be running on vaults from home.

However, from tests that included fairly well functioning vaults from home (that ran for many days / a couple of weeks in some cases if I remember correctly), it wasn’t deemed stable enough without some new features that are being worked on now, and will be tested in future test / Alpha networks.


The problem was with people spamming the network, iirc. It is the same reason people need forum accounts to take part in the tests.

Vaults are waiting on safecoin to make such attacks ineconomical. We probably need other stuff too to make it more stable. The tests proved it all worked though!


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