Question on how applications are able to use private data

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to understand a little how data privacy and control over your own data are ensured on Safe. Basically, say I go for a hike and I want an application on Safe to use my geolocation data to draw me a path on a map indicating where I hiked and how many kilometers I went, etc. In order to do this, the application will need to access my geolocation data. My question is this: if the application has access to my geolocation data so that it can perform the computations needed to draw me a path on a map, what is stopping the application from copying that data and storing it on the network, so that now it basically owns my geolocation data because it has a copy? So, I’m asking on what level applications have access to data you give upload to them and is that data no longer private when it gets uploaded to an application? Otherwise, how are applications able to use the data if its completely hidden from them?