Question for people using the binaries released

I clicked the rocket circled in red numerous times and thought something was broken before realizing it was the one in blue I needed to select. Anybody else do this or was it just me being click happy?

You can find the binaries here -


Took me a bit of figuring out the fist time too.


Haha. At first yes I did the same. Both rocket images would link to the same place ideally.


Different functions require different symbols. Suggestions?

I was thinking just change it to “Click the to the left of address bar to access the Authenticator”.

I just don’t know how much folks will be able to customize the browser and if people will hide the address bar, etc.

The text “Click [rocket] to Open Authenticator” leads the eye to rocket circled in red. If that text were made a hyperlink or the rocket image removed that would be less ambiguous.

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