Question - another layer on SAFE network

Question (again coming from a non-technical person (me)) - is it possible to create a website to work on current browsers (IE/Chrome) that allows for KYC and tracks consumers but the underlying layer is run by SAFE network. Does/would Safenet offer that flexibility? For example - in Komodo, one can keep the transactions private or make those public - its optional.

Again, this is not a discussion or debate on the purpose of SAFENET - privacy, security etc and if Govt can/would/wont/cant stop SAFENET - but just wondering if the flexibility exists?

If using the safe browser then it would be feasible to prevent this at the permissions layer from what I understand. The website could be prevented from creating any data on the safenetwork.

What you would have to do is create an addon for one of the big browsers and have it access the safe site and then transmit over the current internet protocols

So yes its possible, but only by using apps/browsers that can communicate using other protocols. This is one of the major reasons the SAFEnetwork is having its own browser.