Question about Scalability

There is a question I have regarding scalability. IIRC there are 6 nodes at the least whom are distributing the data to requesting nodes who have the private key to the public key data. Are nodes who are participating in this network to get data also expected to upload data? What happens to get more nodes to participate in distribution in this scheme that will allow them to handle more and more requests for data? How does Pay to PUT factor into this scheme? How do the economics of this make for sustainability within the system?

If someone asks your node for a Chunk, you ask another node who is most close to that data. That node asks to it’s closest node as well. And finally in some steps the node is found who has that data. And than that Chunk goes back the same way. So after some steps you get the Chunk and give it to the one who asked for it. So you downloaded and uploaded a file. Other nodes will do the same thing. So all will help each other to get all the Chunks requested. You give and you get.


No they can be read only