Question about omniwallet

I’m glad to see you’re so confident in your knowledge of Bitcoin.

Others may want to consider things such as, for example, and give it some thought.

Hmmm, I explained above, but it seems “likes” are doing their magic.
Let’s try again: see the URL above and consider how would you even know when (or if) a fork happened.
Also consider what happens if during that time (right after XT “wins”) MAID owners who run hundreds of NotBitcoinXT instances find crypto-exchanges or individuals who accept XT-based MAID and dump millions of them.

You really think the mining pools are going to adopt that at a 25% rate or so?

Not likely.

That is just troublemakers making propaganda…

As far as I can see. XT is just a way to break up the stalemate between the core developers that want progress, and the core developers that want to route progress to their favorite sub-projects.

In the end, I suspect larger blocks will be included in Bitcoin core as a compromise of some sort.

NotBitcoinXT pretends to be Bitcoin XT, so someone with 100-200 BTC could fire up enough of those instances to make XT “win”, and turn them off after that.
If I had 1000 BTC and prior to the deadline XT was at 40+ percent, I’d consider spending 20% of the stash to make history.

Nah. Running a node doesn’t make a difference you actually have to mine blocks. 750 of 1000 blocks must claim to be XT mined for the switch to happen. 25% or so of the Mining network is a massive economic cost.

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So don’t transact and make sure you have your coins on all the forks. At some point when Maidsafe will change them for safecoins they will have to choose the leading fork and you can still switch them for safecoins 1 to 1.

That said, no, it is indeed not a good situation, and could be very disruptive, also for the distribution of Maidsafecoins. If you bought from an exchange during that time that accepted MAID’s from the wrong fork and can’t send them to the right fork, you have lost them. With some good coordination with the leading exchanges (poloniex and masterexchange) even that won’t be likely.


OMNI wallet finally has Multi Factor Authorization. :slight_smile:

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Perhaps we need to consider the story around Ethereum blockchain and its fork. Who imagined that a second ethereum blockchain would come out of the fork?
Now if you think about what happened, it could be very interesting for people trying to duplicate their money, or at least their coins, if you get a fork and you are able to have two blockchains to survive for at least a little while, you can make money out of you duplicated tokens.

I rarely have issues opening omniwallet using Chrome on my phone. Last 2 days it won’t play ball at all.
Anyone else experiencing this?

Yes, I’ve had the same problem using Firefox on my pc.

I just tried my laptop both chrome and Firefox no luck :unamused:

What the hell !
I kept some of my coins there.
I am so out into paper wallet only when it is back.

Imagine if this happens during the Safecoin migration…

That’s the centralised interwebs for you :wink:


My MAID is all cold so I’m not worried, only tried to sign in because my PDC is hot and with the price rising felt it should probably move… there have been short outages but never 2 days that I can recall.

omni wallet could be DDOS during the migration ?
I had never thought of that before.

The migration doesn’t need to happen in a short period. In fact it will have to be over a period of at least weeks to give time for people to realise it’s happening and get round to doing it.

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Apparently a known bug. They say they’ll fix in 30 mins


I used omniwallet on my PC 24 hours ago to send some coins. Maybe a problem on phones.

Firefox often has issues with omniwallet. Omniwallet apparently is only written to work on chrome and thus firefox may have issues at times. For example firefox works for me except it cannot send coins.

Then we just wait till it works again or use another wallet that knows the omni-protocol. Migration will be over a period of time, not just a day or week. (I should read further first - @happybeing already said this)

As long as you have the private keys to the addresses your MAID is in then your OK. Omniwallet can give you a backup copy of your addresses and keys

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Do you guys increase preset tx fee when sending from omniwallet? 24h no confirmation… how long will it take before it falls off? surely it should be automatically set at a value miners are prepared to confirm at.