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I directed the person to come to this forum to ask their question but wanted it shown here monitor the comments and prevent any negative notions from going any further.

Is MAIDSAFE (Massive Array of Internet Disks - Secure Access For Everyone) open source distributed platform horrific news for global security?
it can be used for illegal things like silk road, isn’t it?


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Its a question that the self proclaimed “extreme” thinkers, and the fear mongers will ask, without considering history and the events/actions that happened in those cases.

There are a few threads on this forum that deal with these questions already and maybe we direct them to those and let them read through the fear, the knee jerk reactions, the defenses, the counter arguments and all that. It certainly would save us a lot of time and effort to go over these issues again and again. Your thoughts???

In essence SAFE will not protect these people any more than TOR does, for one simple reason these people have to interact with the real world and traditionally the police have investigated and eventually catch these people. Its movie & Hollywood that gives the masses the idea that police will catch them by technology and that technology that hides the crooks will defeat the police.

Just look at the world wide arrests by the police on sickos who only share info using encryption now. The police don’t catch them by cracking the communications or hacking their PCs, but by good old traditional investigations and getting inside info.


Thank you @jreighley. My favorite response is this one:

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I think it could be incredibly bad for useless hierarchy and the info and tech obfuscation/suppression it needs to remain in place. It means the pro parasite narrative gets aborted. The first episode of the show Black Mirror has the English PM having to F a pig on network TV because a blackmailer uses social media to override puppet media in real time. It means they can’t block transparency or rely on being able to control the narrative anymore.

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Big Nanny State thinkers: “It seems the Web will get HTTPS. It can be used for illegal things like encryption.”

Right. All 300+ crypto currencies pose the same threat to the humanity.


It seems the global banking industry is now developing its own digital currency. Look out for negative interest rates and the retirement of cash. But note if ma and paw can’t hide it under the mattress it might be harder too for the wealth to launder or engage in capital flight with and that means more paid taxes. Interesting to see if there standard is based on what ever IBM comes up with. Its not like they’d be deep enough or sane enough to figure it out on their own.

And cash, don’t forget that fiat cash is also used to buy illegal things all the time. Much more than cryptos too.

But then again they’re talking about banning cash for just this reason. Yay for surveillance and dependence on banks.

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Cryptofiat may end up making free cryptocurrencies more in demand, so this could play in our favor. The sooner they outlaw cash the better, I would think.

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