Question about Farming % - RFC0004

In the Farming RFC it says that the farming rate is divided into four categories which each have 4 tested percentage values:

PmidNodes → tested at 100% of FR [i.e. Farming rate * 1]
App Developer → tested at 10% of FR [i.e. Farming rate * 1.1]
Publisher → tested at 10% of FR [i.e. Farming rate * 1.1]
Core development → tested at 5% of FR [i.e. Farming rate * 1.05]

I am somewhat confused as to what these percentages represent even though these are ‘test’ values. In reality wouldn’t this be something like 75% / 10% / 10% / 5% assuming that this is a global farming rate? Do these numbers mean that the global farming rate is always subdivided in the same way even if there is in reality 99% PmidNodes farming and 1% of the rest?

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hey @et4te :slight_smile:

there have been pretty long discussions about these numbers a while ago - I suppose that is something that will be discussed again when it comes to safecoin implementation - but first we need our global live-test-network =)

nothing is set in stone yet and there have been many who wanted simply all farming reward to go to the farmers for not making things too complicated :wink:

… sorry that I can’t help you that much … I’m very busy lately and I have to admit I’m not exactly sure what the status is atm …

(here the discussion-threats - just so you know where to look if you want to read what happened last time :smiley:

…the list is not complete - but If you want to know which ideas are waiting out there to be discussed you can get an idea in these threats …)