Quantum computers and encryption

Just saw this article… anyone have the time to educate me? What might this mean for SAFE and the types of encryption used?

Any thoughts appreciated.

I am no expert.

But I believe there is strong resilience with the network. The chunks are relatively small and widely distributed in a way which is unpredictable. Even if someone could decrypt the chunks it wouldn’t be catastrophic because they wouldn’t have the ‘map’ to show them where the other chunks are. Perhaps it’s equivalent to someone showing you a few pixels - it wouldn’t give you much information about the picture as a whole. Only those in possession of the ‘map’ can bring the chunks together.

The only point I’m making is that quantum computing wouldn’t give anyone ‘carte blanche’ to look at whatever they wish within the network.

Obviously I’m considering the SAFE Network in isolation here. The ramifications in the wider world would be broad and deep! These wider world consequences would of course impact the functioning of the SAFE Network to a degree anyway. I imagine it would be possible to adapt the network as time goes on by, for example, looking at post-quantum encryption standards.

I now look forward to someone answering your question properly @Jabba, but this would need someone who knows what they’re talking about! (Not me). :blush:


By the way, the news that humans can now use five atoms to factor the number 15 is very exciting. It’s thrilling to imagine the world in, say, 20 years from now!


Yep, for sure. The future is going to be very interesting and exciting. Some many cool new things pushing frontiers everywhere.

Thanks for your take on the implications too. You know more than me and I was hoping someone would say something like that. :slight_smile:

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Still a long ways off yet. How long? well not in the next few years.

If you read the article the computer can only estimate. “confidence upwards of 99 percent” to give factors of 15. To give a perspective of the complexity of this calculation. In the seventies we had to know how to use analogue computers and factoring 15 was easy with some transistors/opamps wired up for multiplication and it supplied 3 volts and 5 volts as inputs to the 15 volts. thus the answer. The 15 volts target could be changed and the logic adjusted itself. To a confidence level of 99.9%

Their computer was “wired” for the one calculation. to factor 15.

Not really good for mass decryption until they can get the accuracy up to 100% and of course scale it up.

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I don’t know much of quantum computing’s real potential but I wonder for all it’s ability to work against prime multiples, XOR will still rule. You can’t just magic up what is lost and that is what XOR does. Anything spiced with XOR then I’d expect will stand and perhaps then quantum computing will work the limit of what is less probable.

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Looks like the QRNG’s are going to be before the usable quantum computers …



This is indeed very interesting. There is always a way :smiley:

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Just watching you at life is people but it’s 1:44 AM so don’t think I will survive 1,5h :sleeping: :smile:

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