Quantitative Research on Target Groups

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I shared it in the Bulgarian crypto groups. Thank you for your efforts! :thankyou:


Yes indeedy, don’t get me wrong I am delighted this process is happening and I think we will gather valuable market data.

I am never sure of surveys though. I feel the low hanging fruit here may be gartner et al’ type reports. Stuff like how much free disk space per person on average by country, ipv6 penetration, NAT traversal, how many desktops, laptops, mobiles. Average cost of living per country verses electricity costs (we do want to get this to everyone and them able to earn). Satellite coverage and costs.

And so on, so hard numbers which are hard to find, but they are there. i.e. folk read a doc in first 30mins 90% of the time then never. Docs shared with X num of folk on average (dedup) and much much more.

This is not me saying don’t survey, but take it sceptically, however mine for hard data related to our goals. That stuff can be very helpful as well, but it’s a huuuge job for sure. There may be a way to crowdsource it, like a wiki where we find it, reference sources and so on. All similar projects could get involved and so on.

Just ideas/thoughts


Thank you.

One comment though is that the people I wanted to share it with are consumers with no to little knowledge of blockchains. Basically they have heard of bitcoin but are not computer literate for the most part. They are youtube creators, viewers and other people. They would be the ones using apps, but decentralised this or that is not in their vocab really.

What I am getting to is that I think a paragraph giving something for them to realise what this is about would help. Not a detailed thing but even just saying something about what decentralised actually is. Like a network distributed around the world replacing data centres.

Or is this not aimed at the pure consumers and APP (eg safetube uploaders)


This survey aims to understand how to

  • Increase awareness and improve the reputation of MaidSafe right now
  • Best reach and speak to the likely earliest adopters of Safe

As such, the survey isn’t aimed at people who have absolutely no understanding of decentralized solutions.

On the day job, I’m working on a data privacy project. My employer funded a few $100K in research for my team last year, which has allowed us to test both centralized & decentralized concepts with “average” consumers. Regular people don’t readily understand decentralization—even if presented with a video or paragraph explaining what it is. The moderator would then spend several minutes explaining. Once the participants began to get their heads around the notion of decentralization, they immediately pivoted to skepticism.

The earliest adopters of any decentralized tech will not be the average Joe (which isn’t surprising). Interestingly enough, most survey respondents right now identify as Consumers. They are what we’d consider informed consumers (i.e. Innovators and Early Adopters).

If Safe is ever to transition into Growth & Maturity, it needs to first effectively reach the Innovators and Early Adopters. These are the consumer groups that will carry Safe through the first product/market lifecycle stages (which will take years, by the way).

When Safe actually launches and survives the first product/market stage, then targeting the average Joe begins to come into scope.

Surveys aren’t the best method to gather data from an uninformed group (i.e. the average Joe). However, once a product is live and past the initial lifecycle stage(s), you can point to concrete assets and user experiences / testimonials to illustrate and convey what the product is. At this point there’s little reason to explain what decentralization actually is to the average consumer. To do so would be as unnecessary as having to explain to the average internet user what HTTPS is.


Hi Folks! As you know, I ran a survey to get insights from the 4 identified target groups about what’s matters to them. There were about ~700 responses. I’ve distilled and compiled those responses into a report, which I’d be happy to share with the community in a Safe Chat.

The study provided insight into:

  • The relative distribution of the population across the 4 target groups
  • What concepts, benefits and technical features the different target groups found most compelling
  • Perceived “winners” across the dApp Platform and Decentralized Internet/Storage spaces
  • Importance of token price/exchange listings across target groups
  • Effective communication channels
  • Common themes

These insights can both provide perspective on effective positioning/messaging as well as can be informative with regards to what features to integrate post-beta. Along with the prior competitive research, this target group research will be bundled into the Marketing Playbook I’m compiling for Maidsafe / the Safe Network. :smile:

If you’d like to join a 90-min Safe Chat to explore and discuss the survey results as well as the (likely released) testnet, please vote below on what windows of time would work best for you:

  • April 9: 8 PM to 10 PM UTC/GMIT
  • April 10: 6 PM to 10 PM UTC/GMT
  • April 11: 6 PM to 10 PM UTC/GMT
  • None of the above

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So far it’s looking like Apr 9 will be the day. I’ll be closing this poll tomorrow at 2 PM GMT, so be sure to vote by then if you have a preference. :smile:


Alright, the plan will be to hold the next Safe Chat on April 9 at 8 PM UTC/GMT. However, if the testnet doesn’t launch tomorrow, I think it might be worth it to postpone the Safe Chat to next week. Let’s see and keep our fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers: :smile:


Please consider times that are not middle of the night in eastern Europe.


I’m wondering, not that I want to tear up anyones schedules, if a postponement might be a nice idea anyway?

I’d love to be able to make it, as would others from MaidSafe I’m sure, but there might be a few frazzled brains after a full-on week. It deserves some decent attention/concentration.


Agreed. I’ll post another poll with times soon.

With such a global community it’s hard to find a time that’s perfect for everyone. These times were chosen to accommodate participants in regions as far apart as GMT, GMT +10, GMT -6, & GMT -3. If none of the times from the last poll work, send me a note about what could work. I’ll see if I can adjust given others’ locations & incorporate in the new poll. :smile:


Here’s a new poll to indicate your timing preference for the next Safe Chat:

  • April 23: 8 PM to 10 PM UTC/GMT
  • April 24: 4 PM to 6 PM UTC/GMT
  • April 25: 6 PM to 10 PM UTC/GMT
  • None of the above

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The plan will be to discuss output from the quantitative consumer research as well as the Fleming Testnets. We may also have an update on the Community Exchange Listing Fund. More to come!