Qora...... - what's this?

Just wondered why this coin suddenly started being pumped on Poloniex, so looked into it a bit. I noticed on their Twitter (aug 8th post 2015) that it claims to be everything Maidsafe is…can’t see it myself and video sounds a bit…well…dunno, scammy… just doesn’t smell right.
Wondered what others thought? :smile:




I invested in this like 2 years ago in IPO , it was some dutch guy if i can remember rightly , the thread looked scammy in places, like the typical scammy threads that turned up on bitcointalk , so it raised very little money , but it was entirely legitimate, he released the coin, it was pretty much a uniquely built coin from scratch not a typical clone, highest % gains in money i made ever in an investment, think purchase price was 0.000000001.2 sat during IPO , reached 0.00000120+ so upto 10,000% profit lol

i know the project is legit , he has been working away for 2 years straight constantly bring new innovation to his coin. when he claims something it usually comes out just as he said, so he delivers on his promises.

I dunno if it is everything maidsafe is , i haven’t checked the coin out for going on 1 year + now , i doubt it is and maybe just a clear mis understanding of how maid is or was being explained back then or what , but the project is legitimate and a decently developed coin , which is offering great innovation to blockchain technology but that’s what it is blockchain technology and nothing like maidsafes different consensus system


I’t an extra zero now, - It’s at 0.00000032 now, but was 0.00000013 just earlier.
PS, I’m not pumping it…lol :smile:

yeah it was released shortly after well not shortly but in the crypto phase of new tech having an increased speculatory value , so it hit the market at a quite high mark up and value , it was also on 1 exchange solely , and it being 100% unique it becomes harder to put onto exchanges because it needed a website owner willing to create and code an interface into it for their exchange, that exchange was “sharex” it was a coin that came out during the free distribution coins, share coin , the dev opened an exchange tied into the coin, was a great idea, but ended up being a scam exchange after several months…not sure why exactly from what i remember might of been illicit trading and trying to profit off of customers funds on the exchange that screwed it over.

But i digress , the coin took a nose dive as that exchange disappeared most likely the dev dumping huge amounts of coins onto any markets that adopted the coin afterwards .

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Installed and tried. Yes it has got it all tied to blockchain : websites, encrypted messaging, namespace, token creation and a lot more I can not even understand:)
Strange that I haven’t heard of it before. Supereasy and worth trying at least


I just picked up 350k for giggles…maybe it will get scooped up by Microsoft Azure…who knows… :slight_smile:


Lol…same here…we can watch it nosedive from here together :smile:


It indeed has a lot of features. Still blockchain though, don’t know it’s privacy abilities as far as transactions go. Has a 5 min block time etc soooooo still not as awesome as maidsafe :smile:



they have a faucet so u can try them out

Qora market cap is still only about $1m after this pump, so it could well still be undervalued if it’s decent.

I’ll have to look into it a bit more!

If the concept and code works as advertised without flaws then it is the most underpriced coin right now. It lacks a lot of details and I can’t find the white paper.

from what I gather so much of this coin is centered around this network that is currently developing. I really think the alt coins that change the system, or fundamentally improve (or fit a niche) the system are the ones to be investing in, and this one’s message of using the blockchain tech for alternative purposes is so revolutionary to me that I had to buy a little at least!

If the next update makes the wallet function better on my pc, then maybe I’ll start messing around with the message service…I’m so fascinated with it!

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In case anyone wants to follow their new thread/updates…they have some very cool stuff going on, including a decentralized exchange that appears to be functional!



or maybe not!! its up a good clip today! :slight_smile:

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going up for now! €0.00015359

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Lol…2nd most traded coin on poloniex now…is it a pump and dump or does the tech merit the rise? I can’t make my mind up…but from reports, it at least seems to work.
I didn’t mean to start a thread about a different coin, I just noticed that some tweet said has similar capabilities to Maidsafe…I know its not the same thing but does have some functionality at least.
Sorry for possibly appearing to orchestrate a pump and dump using my canny devious trading skills :smile: …but really c’mon.


well… they are busy making implements… i dont understand a lot of it but on mobiles they have added devices…? anyways it is fun to watch them and it could be dump scenario but lets see…


Thanks for pointing it out - I hadn’t heard of it, but bought a tiny bit when I found out about it through your work, and right now I’ve doubled my tiny bit of money I put into it :smiley: I hope it keeps going in the same direction, though in the long term everything will depend on results!


21 lol keeps rising…