Qdot tech yields charging cellphones in 30 seconds and more


When q dots were first talked about in the popular media they were sometimes referred to as virtual atoms. the idea was a substrate that would create dots or what act like the nuclease of atom but without any protons or neutrons and even more impressively on the fly with voltage changes spool up the electron configurations way way beyond what a normal stable atom would support. Quickly have a billion electrons in virtual shells in a single virtual atom and back down with a voltage change or make a perfect tunable laser.

Well it natural to imagine that such a system could create a solid state energy storage system with great density. It seems this firm (despite the bulky prototype) has created a battery with near instant charging and 5x the power density of lithium batteries. Now apply that to Tesla cars? Charge it faster than you can gas up and 5x the power density might imply a 1500 mile range. That would present more of a challenge to oil. I suspect this tech could work with the Hendo Hover board tech and the idea of solar highways and driver-less cars to give us the future. The solar highway stuff seem more feasible if wheels are constantly caking it over, but the added layer might interfere with the hendo magnetics.


Sounds incredible, and I hope they achieve what they think they can.

If they can make a battery with 5x the power density of lithium ion, plus fast charging, whilst being cost effective, it would revolutionise the power generation & distribution industry and the car / transport industry (including aircraft).

They also claim to have technology that could revolutionise the display market, image sensor market and data storage market, so I hope it’s true, but certainly sounds a bit too good to be true at the moment.

I’m highly skeptical, but if they’re legit, the tech is theirs, and IP is sufficiently protected, they should be the most powerful company in the world pretty soon.

The Hendo tech looks great - it’ll be interesting to see what people can do with it, and increased energy storage density & fast charging would certainly help any Hendo based products of the future!


I forgot about aviation and the q pixels. I first heard about this in a Wired article in 2003 or 2004. The hair raised on the back of my neck. These quantum wells or dot even then could be readily made with extant semiconductor tech, they almost seemed like fancy LEDs. A raft of companies even then was working on making displays. It was a spooky tech, like being able to look into unfinished blueprints for an atom, seeing electron configurations that didn’t exist in ordinary atoms. At the same time it seemed like you could pump these little energy balloons full of electrons instantly and deflate them just as quickly. Battery nirvana at the last and solid state based on an existing tool infrastructure!!!

You bring up aviation. Titan Aerospace already has these massive drone that stay up for up to 5 years at a time (if I am not mistake) on solar. That means these might carry 5x the payload. On power generation. MIT developed a modular system of solar roof tiles where each tile converted a sealed quantity of water into oxygen and hydrogen and then recombined them at night for power. Roof tiles integrated the electrolysis of water and fuel cell into its backing. This Qdot tech may be much better- not explosive, likely more efficient not needing to go from electrical to chemical and back.

One important thing will to get the understanding that tech can can quickly replace combusting hydrocarbons is inevitiable and that oil and its liquid fuel infrastructure and power concentration are already obsolete- this would largely kill the use of that power and its political power base well before it would attrite out by direct tech substitution- it would accelerate that process. We also have to start to work to replace the understanding of bullshit like 911 with ridicule instead of instead of of off limits religious veneration. People need to understand that the stupid sloppy ruse was used by the perpetrators to make more such stupidity possible. That becomes easier psychologically as people see they don’t have an oil gauntlet around their throat. Maybe oil, along the way to its diminished role and nationalization will be traded for SAFE coins vice dollars as well. Also steps toward US approved demolition of the bases in Iraq and the demolition of the Gitmo. Bush Admin needs rapid solid historical condemnation of while the perps are still alive to destroy the precedent.

Breaking their trilate agenda will also come with covering over and meshing together every exposed exterior surface with a distributed solar power architecture backed up by superior power storage tech.