Qbix secure decentralised intent platform

Qbix 1.0 (by @GregMagarshak) launched recently. Here is their vision for v2.0.

Greg is also frequently to be found hanging out with the Solid team, so I know him from there but have only just realised the connection - sorry Greg :smile: [ waves].



[waves back]

Indeed! I am interested to connect and hopefully collaborate with both projects. Still figuring out the best roadmap for getting from here to the secure, permissionless, decentralized future.

About Qbix: ask me anything.

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I’d like to hear a bit about Qbix: goals, team, tech, where it is now and what needs to be done etc. How it is being funded too.

I don’t spend much time reading up on similar projects (Solid being the exception) but I read most of what’s posted here, so feel free to introduce Qbix on this topic, especially if you can see synergies with SAFE, or common issues that face both projects (adoption, for example).

Also a bit about Intellicoin :slight_smile: