Qbix secure decentralised intent platform

Qbix 1.0 (by @GregMagarshak) launched recently. Here is their vision for v2.0.

Greg is also frequently to be found hanging out with the Solid team, so I know him from there but have only just realised the connection - sorry Greg :smile: [ waves].


[waves back]

Indeed! I am interested to connect and hopefully collaborate with both projects. Still figuring out the best roadmap for getting from here to the secure, permissionless, decentralized future.

About Qbix: ask me anything.

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Iโ€™d like to hear a bit about Qbix: goals, team, tech, where it is now and what needs to be done etc. How it is being funded too.

I donโ€™t spend much time reading up on similar projects (Solid being the exception) but I read most of whatโ€™s posted here, so feel free to introduce Qbix on this topic, especially if you can see synergies with SAFE, or common issues that face both projects (adoption, for example).

Also a bit about Intellicoin :slight_smile: