Python script to clone, update, build, test, etc. MaidSAFE from github

Similar to bash scripts posted by @TylerAbeoJordan and @philip_rhoades,
I wrote a python script for the same kinds of tasks.
For those that like python vs bash :wink:

Hope people find it useful.


Very nice. Have you thought about integrating any tests to see which version of rust is installed? IIRC the repos should work with stable, but then again, stable is updated every six weeks [1]

Sure, when I work on this next, can implement a few environment checks.


Ok, I implemented checks for a few required binaries (rustc, cargo, git) and env variables.
I had originally planned a trip to Stowe this weekend but decided against snowboarding in -20F wind chill. So, stayed indoors and coded a bit of python.
The script only checks for presence of binaries or env variables, not specific values. I’m wary of enforcing a specific policy beyond obvious ‘X not installed’ or ‘X test hangs’’ errors.

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Updated the script to be compatible w/ latest branch. The runner now skips cargo commands for safe_launcher (because it’s a Node project). Hope people find the script useful. Feel free to send improvements.