Putting the Pieces Together with Tokenly

This adventure of Let’s talk Bitcoin is really worth listening to especially if your a content creator.

Adam B. Levine is really ahead of his time with his ideas. What he talks about could be a real game changer and I can see it working on the SAFE Network.


I would love to see what he is doing be done within the framework of a DAO instead of going through the Bank to the Future AML KYC BS. Of course self preservation must always factor in.


Wow projects on bnktothefuture seem to have bigspenders

With just 4 backers they are 72% backed.

Hmmm to be honest it would rather have 10000 people investing instead of a few rich people, because it means that you don’t have to look for potential customers after getting the funds.


This is because most of the world is locked out of this kind of investment thanks to the SEC rules. Only people of high net worth can invest, which is contrary to what cryptocurrencies represent, i.e. equal access for all.


Fun fact: Adam can’t code, but he’s co founders Devon and Nick can, Adam just have the ideas. It’s funny that some people think that this combination can’t work. But Let’stalkbitcoin.com is the proof that a lot is possible if people work out ideas, they think is beneficial. I’m a little bit disappointed that the LTB network is not bigger, because it revolutionary, if you ask me.

I hope they get funded ASAP :stuck_out_tongue:


Not true anymore with the signing of the jobs act and the new rules. It’s still highly regulated but not a straight out “no” anymore.

Don’t worry I think we have enough support to do this as a DAO. Quite awesome time. Quite overwhelming at times too.


One issue we will run into is no dividends until we have complete anonymity. That means smart contracts have to happen and happen in a truly “smart” way.


When I went to the bank to the future site which directed me to the SEC page concerning accredited investors, I felt like I needed an attorney before I clicked on anything binding. It had a very institutional feel to the whole thing that completely turned me off.


Digix DAO (DGD) creators have stated that the transaction fees earned with the gold backed DGX coin will be around 0.13% of each tx. This fee is given back to the DGD holders quarterly in the form of the DGX. Digix is being developed out of Singapore. Maybe as long as the DAO is released in an economically free country and can be purchased on decentralized exchanges then that is all we really need for DAOs to flourish.

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I admit, I never understood what tokenly is supposed to do, what actual product or service it is.

13% of each tx, that is like hoping that consumers stay dumb and an invitation to a competitor to take away tx fees completely. When tx fees disappear, what are they going to offer then, a piece of the storage fees?

WTF how does 0.13% become 13%?

P.S. Censorship has apparently been automated to make the forum automatically more “family oriented” while saving the mods time. Big progress!

I’ve seen that video.

The clearest statement of what it is seemed to be was “swappable password.”

Oh yeah, people will really queue up for that.

The rest, I found pretty unintelligible. C’est la vie.

Not every idea Adam has is his own. But he does have the team in place to implement the ideas he finds and good on him for that.