Put your SAFE-network gifs here


Is there anyone who’s familiar with creating their own progress bars? What kind of files do you need, or is the best to use?


I think there’s a couple different approaches:

  1. easy - have a series of images and show the image with the % of nodes visible closest to current progress
  2. harder but nicer - have just one full image as the background on a canvas and programmatically paint over (hide) some of the nodes depending on the current progress. It would end up looking kind of similar to the last one that you made. I’d maybe make the ‘painted over’ part slightly see through so you’d have some idea of what is left to go until 100%.
    Both would probably require text below stating current progress since the visualization is a bit weird / unconventional.



Can’t really preview, but a cool MaidSafe style logo from instagram

(hard coded preview lol, link at the top shows the liquid movement)


Here is my .gif file. Any suggestions on what I should add would be appreciated. I also posted this under another topic already.