Put your SAFE-network gifs here


Blender seems to be a very powerfull tool and you are using it very well. I have more t do than my time allows right now, trying to learn some python for an idea I have. I only have some knowlege about Gimp and Davinci Resolve which I use for making gifs, :slight_smile: don’t know how thoose skills translates to blender. Recently I saw some cool partical effects animation for Davinci Resolve. But I will keep it in my memory and gladly take a look at it if an opportunity arives. I have a thought about a “unofficial SAFE-network” site which could be more focust on video, articles and other cool stuff about the SAFE-network. Would be cool to be able to have such nice animated logos on such sites. :slight_smile: I will try to look into that Matrix site, heard about it some tima ago but it has slipped my mind since then.


Got lazy at the end there so we got a terrible looking back wall, pretty flat slab of wood as a table, flat non-reflective floor. Besides that though all the main things came out pretty much exactly as I first imagined the scene. If anyone wants this blender file and reference images let me know… OMG I just find out now that we can’t upload .mp4 :sob::sob::sob: ugghhhh! well… here is the .gif, but it loses so much detail in the conversion…damn it and I had to make it pretty tiny to fit the 4mb file restriction.



You should put the MaidSafe logo on top of Batman’s face :smiley:


Or the safelogo on the back of batman’s hand, or as a ring


This automation is spectacular! I have a few mild suggestions for improvement.

  1. Change the initial point of view so the camera is closer to the spinning reels and straight on instead of at an angle.
  2. Slow the animation after the reels stop so the safe logo can be clearly seen and recognized even by people who aren’t very familiar with it.
  3. Show less of the background and focus more on the machine.
  4. Add some kind of wording or slogan, somewhere. Maybe just a website address. You could show it at the very end only so it doesn’t distract from the rest of the animation.

Thanks! You already did the hard part! Great job!


There are great tutorials on YouTube. Good luck and message me if you have questions on Blender.


When you get to the end of season three you will find even more safe network themes that have been discussed on the forum. No spoilers! :sunglasses:


Thanks. :slight_smile: After about two weeks I’am almost done completing a youtube course, have created a library with documentation and definitions to be able to achieve the idea. Ideas have a tendancy te get more complicated the more yoou think of them, as we all now in this forum, but nothing is impossible. :wink: Youtube is great for learning, helped me alot through many hard courses in college, sometimes they are even better and more effective. @zero-ghost I joined the Matrix, are you in both dev and and the regular one?


Great progress! Don’t forget you can use my script above to create the MaidSafe logo. Python scripting is very powerful in Blender.


(I totally love what maidsafe is doing (and how), I admire this community and I find old vans cool. I hope this level of self-reflective humor is ok:D)



Another one. I’m not sure about the message here, but could be the case, not?



Haha, shit, it made me chuckle.


I’m only in the community channel and trading channel


stop me :smiley:

SAFE GIFs for everyone

I’m posting my GIFs here to make them easier to find.

Also: do you think these GIFs are useful? How do/would you use them?

Would you like to have more of them? Please bring your suggestions on what to create.

SAFE Logo:

SAFE Logo with text:

SAFE Logo with text Slow Version:

Feel free to add your own GIFs for everyone to use!


Could be made into a cool 2D progress bar


That’s a great idea! I’ll make a version with a transparent background later this week that can be used to experiment with as a progress bar


Nice job! :smiley: Reminds me of the Netscape loading gif.