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Doesn’t hurt to drop some memes or gifs in different places. :grinning: I think it will be more fruitfull between alpha 4 and Beta launch, so many people seems to get nervous and angry when they buy crypto and it is not 10x after a few weeks, so right now I’am happy that there is not so much of them angry ones on the forum right now. :joy:


Definitely reflective of the behavior that defines capitulation.


I think that marketing gifs and memes may need some kind of structure.
Here is my analysis and suggestion:

For this phase, alpha 2 – alpha 3, just make people aware of Maidsafe and SAFE-network, with simple gifs of logos and simpel text like ”support the future, SAFE-network”, ”SAFE-network will become the future” and so on. At this phase I believe that people just need to have heard the name/brand, if they are not hardcore techies or developers, so it is also situation and forum/media specific.
Between alpha 3 - 4, add marketing gifs/memes of previous phase and also add current working core functions, example ”decentralisation is here and more will come, SAFE-network” and so on.
Between alpha 4 – beta, add previous phase alpha 2-3 and also add memes/gifs, example ”beta is near, HODL”, ”SAFE-network to the moon” , also add full functions, example ”A secure and fully decentralized internet is here soon, the SAFE-network” .

The text above is my personal view and analysis. Keep adding gifs or memes, they will all be handy in the present in, the future or just for giggles. Keep having fun and don’t take my suggestions too seriously.





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I’am glad about the implemitation of gifs/memes in social media. When using gifs and memes at this stage I think it’s importent to also be carefull to use sentences like “use the safenet” and similar. Because if the word “use” is seen by people with not much awareness of the project or it’s current state it can possibly be seen as missleading. Some concerns is that some people may think network is ready now and get’s disappointed or that they now or in future test networks puts personal data on the network which disappears on potential network reset. Both scenarious can lead to possible negative feelings about the network and it may also be spread to friends and family. I made some suggestions to strategy for different phases, above in this topic.

Please consider to use sentences like “follow future progress” or similar instead of sentences that can be interpreted like the SAFE-network is complete and ready to use. Zoki you are natural talent when it comes to memes, keep it going but please also consider above suggestions.



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