Push Notifications?

There has been some talk about possible push notifications, so apps did not have to constantly poll to see if new information was available.

Is this still something that we’re working towards? Is it on the roadmap, or is it planned for future development, like compute?

I assume I would be charged on a per-endpoint basis for a push, so if I want to tell 10 users of an event, I would be charged 10 times. I also assume, since the network would need to work harder to deliver a push notification, that I would be charged more for a push than for some other data type.

Still, this would be interesting to have available.

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Messages. . . . . already implemented. Just need the APPs to also use it.


Outstanding! Does that mean that the API already supports messaging? I don’t see it.

Doesn’t the mail app use it? I don’t know though

If it doesn’t then the api may not be there yet. But its used in the core code afaik

“MPID Messaging System” is still in Proposed: rfcs/RFCs-by-status.md at master · maidsafe/rfcs · GitHub
But I think it’s about email system, not about push notifications.

Pretty sure it’s using polling - hence the refresh button.


Ok. I really had not looked.

But don’t they use messaging to send messages between nodes. I cannot see then using polling for that.

The network level has messaging, but there’s no API AFAIK, and I’m not sure but would think there will be a layer needed between the network level and application level messaging. I don’t think it’s a biggie, but it is I think more work than coding SafeCoin for example :wink:

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If you mean in that mail example, then nope. Its just meant to showcase more of a mail box hence mail example and not IM. So all you’re doing is sending some data to a MD object owned by someone else who then checks their mailbox(MD) whenever they choose to get the messages that have been submitted there.


I strongly urge @maidsafe to consider some sort of dynamic rate limiting system that allows for app developers to push notifications (special tagged MD’s) free or very cheaply.

Polling is a very clunky system and app devs might incur a massive expense in the case of a wildly popular blog if push notes become their responsibility.

Although, I guess in the case of blog only those active on the thread would receive the notification thereby minimizing traffic overhead and leaving the expense to the poster of a particular thread.

That still leaves lurkers with the need to poll regularly. No bueno.

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Mutable Data is free to update so I think some of your concerns are met.

Push notifications and messaging don’t exist yet, but are planned. I don’t think there is any public design (such as an RFC), but AFAIK they are still planned.


Unfortunately no. This is one of the differences with previous Structured Data.


Oops, sorry. Had missed that.

Another reason to allow free updates of very small mutable data. To avoid abuses, a rate limiter could be applied.


@Viv, when will there be a messaging api exposed?


err when we hear about it being implemented in a future dev update maybe? Sorry but any relevant response for such a question right now would prolly just be a variant of “I dont know”. Think we’ve got features we need to complete and let mature before guesstimating for additional features. We’re hopefully just about to come out of a major change set and most of the team are also dealing with the Data Chains Part 1 topics. So while messaging “could” fit in easily as part of Data Chains part 2 while dealing with the data layer, it could also not and would need to get considered accordingly at that time for hopefully better estimations.

Just to be clear this isn’t about if messaging is a feature, cos I think that has always been the case and polling isn’t something anyone would/has recommended as everything required, just a response for when and how they get implemented if it helps.


Thats fine. Its a wee bit more than (not) soon :wink:

I’ve always known it as a feature for the network. Will continue to wait patiently for features to be implemented.

Thanks you your response.