Purchasing MaidSafeCoins for the Uninitiated

I’ve never bought Crypto before. How would one go about purchasing MaidSafeCoins and what are the best apps for securing and monitoring these coins once I buy them?


Best person to ask about this is @Southside.


I have more buyers than sellers right now :slight_smile:

Some folk who were very vocal about selling got awful quiet when pressed for details…

@Colorfingers I’ll get pelters for this but the best routes right now are on Bittrex


Theres a nice wee arbitrage opportunity right now for those who dabble in such things - near 100sat spread…

I secure my MAID on a Trezor and leave only gambling or trading money on the exchanges. @Dimitar has a good thread with all you need to know at [How To]: Buy/Move/Store MAID :safe: hardware and software wallets - #2 by 19eddyjohn75

EDIT: We are waiting on news of various other ways to get MAID - or MAID-erc20. Keep watching the forum.


Keep a good stack to arbitrage to erc20, buy more MAID and repeat.

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