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Pleasantly surprised to see us featured as part of the punk scene :smile: :metal:


That’s a great article. John Harris is a decent journalist. He gets this wrong though “Safe access for everyone”.


good spot! [20 chars??]

I can see there is a little pedantic and possibly grumpy (old?) man living inside you too. :wink:

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Inside? No, very much on the outside!


Good article. I loved David’s analogy an invitation to the police that is exactly right. Do home builders get into trouble if illegal activity goes on in the homes they’ve built, in the secure homes they’ve built? No. Same thing here and police should be welcomed to do their work and hunt down child molesters on all networks this one included.


I spotted that too, and while I know Secure Access For Everyone was agreed upon, including by MaidSafe when we discussed these as alternatives, maybe this has become what people tend to hear?

I explained the acronym to somebody recently as Secure Access For Everyone, and a few minutes later when they said it back to me they unconsciously changed it to Safe Access For Everyone, so far from the GNU style recursiveness being geeky, maybe it works with ordinary folk (this person was not a geek).

@dugcampbell what’s the official line on this? Do you think David used Safe rather than Secure? I think we should try to be consistent, and if we are sticking with Secure, get it corrected, or my preference was always Safe (but only marginally - both are good).


Hey @happybeing - yup, you’re right. Just had a quick sensecheck here in case things had changed but no - it should be Secure Access For Everyone (as opposed to Safe Access For Everyone)


Maybe it will be used but it is incorrect english for a start. Like saying a ATM machine.

Also “Secure” is perhaps one of the cornerstones of the network and to ignore it is bad in my books. I reckon some reporters say “safe access for everyone” because they cannot conceive that a network could actually be secure and so water it down.

Its much better to have SAFE secure access for everyone. That conveys 100% more of what the network is about and my opinion is that we should present that everywhere and not accept the lilly watered down version of SAFE safe access for everyone.

Its like saying babies are brought by the stork instead of the miracle of human birth that it is,

Stork == safe and cuddly. Real == amazing and wonderful and real


This article was how I found this place. Glad I read it… :v:


me too…still not fully there yet though with the token thing…


Great article! More like this please! :slight_smile:

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The article is also how I found this place. Just trying to get the software installed on my machine now…


You need to be Trust Level 1 first (Basic). Spend a few more minutes reading this forum and you’ll be there.


So I’ve just discovered! That’s a great idea - good way to make sure people put some thought into the community and other people’s experiences. I wonder if this system cuts down on the number of the usual posts asking for help without even searching the forums! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve just discovered Blockstack. Seems it’s getting popular and gaining many devs building apps on, like OpenBazaar.
Tbh at first seems really close to the SafeNet idea, but going deeper, it’s clear that what they’re building is totally different with an aim far less ambitious than the SafeNetwork one.

However, what matters is people’s perception. And Blockstack’s marketing seems really good. They even put on the website their partnership with Snowden for Berlin event. So how to tell people to be skeptical about it and inform themselves deeper?
What guys do you think about Blockstack and how to avoid them to take over us just cause marketing?


It was more to do with fact that during tests someone spammed the network before defences had been put in place to stop that (still the case). However, cutting down on the number of questions is certainly a useful side effect.


People here understand this, but I think it may actually be the main reasons SAFE is not getting the attention it deserves. It’s very unfortunate that any passer-by can’t just download the browser and see for himself that it actually works. I think the working proof of concept is quite impressive and I even had my own little HTML site up on a couple of the test nets.

Maybe time for another community network to complement the alpha net?

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In my opinion this article is one of the better to be used as a reference in a possible future Wikipedia article: