Published Services missing at launch

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Launcher version: [0.3.0]
Demo app version: [0.1.0]
Browser version: [Firefox 44.0]
Operating System: [Windows 7]

Describe the bug with as much detail as possible:
Whenever I launch or attempt to go back to edit a previously created service, it is missing and says I have no services published. Only after creating a new blank service, can I see and edit what I am attempting to access.

What are the steps to reproduce the bug

  1. Open services and files
  2. Previously created services missing until a new one is created

Were you able to work around this bug? How?
[I had to restart the launcher to get it working again.]

Is there anything else that might help us fix this bug?
Make an easier more global way to access both /private and /public at the same time for management purposes. It would also be nice to change directories and files accessed by my services

EDIT It seems that in most cases if I leave the “No service registered” page alone, my services will eventually load in, just misleading and takes a little time usually.