PublicIDs released as reward for vaults? cf namecoins

:bulb: Rewarding vaults with namecoins, so that they can get popular PublicIDs.

+There have been a number of threads wondering at the value placed on URLs; names; brands and then PublicIDs.
+There’s perhaps a interest in encouraging growth in vaults and engaging contribution to the network.
Might there be a simple natural solution in use of datachains in some way that rewards vaults for their contribution by allowing those hosts more access to popular PublicIDs - perhaps early on that might help encourage growth where return might be uncertain for a while.

The initial thought was mining but if there is naturally some consensus about vaults, perhaps that could lend itself to a reward that is not just safecoin but something like namecoin, which allows the host to buy domain names that could be especially sort after.

That could be an interesting way to neutralise the greed of domain trolls, setting up limitless registrations at zeroday and I wonder then would be a win:win for the network.

It would reward then contributions to the network, rather than rewarding bots or those with deep pockets.

I’m not sure where the limit lies, as perhaps only a certain set of PublicIDs will be especially popular but perhaps others can suggest more on how that could be implemented? Perhaps it could run on the back of beta… those contributing to beta get first dibs on PublicIDs upto a limit relative to their contribution… or some better idea.



Sounds like an interesting concept having the network award contributors with resources beyond SafeCoin, e.g. awarding registration rights for various safe based assets.

An alternative would be for the network to charge SafeCoin for these resources as has been proposed before, which still rewards the biggest contributors & also keeps things simpler.

Would you envisage these rights given to early contributors to be tradable, or tied to accounts?

I just dislike the thought of zeroday bots running riot on PublicID registrations…

While keeping it simply safecoin would work, I’m not sure the option on limiting a grab at popular brand and notionally valuable PublicIDs. So, the OP I wonder might be a route to rate limiting the registration of too many… if it’s much cheaper to host a vault than it is to pay down safecoin for a PublicID, then perhaps that would see an uptick in vault hosting - obviously with a real consensus measure to test that the contribution is worthy.

Namecoin like reward bias for vault hosts then if only initially would help prefer those contributing and not just those with safecoins.

Could be that there is a dampening that tails off over a period… halflife of one month or such, that always sees good vault contribution prefered.

On first pass, I would expect a simple rate of exchange for safecoins and perhaps it should be limited only to this function, rather than needing to be a tradeable token beyond exchange to safecoin.

Point being, if you just gift vault hosts safecoin, then you miss that trick of encouraging a bias?.. and potentially a strong bias early on.

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