Public/Private data structure questions for apps

I am currently working on an enterprise level CRM/Groupware/doc storage front end app/website that I would like to use Maidsafe for as the back end. My question is in regards to how classifications of private/public data will work in this scenario.

Say I want to set up private data storage for XYZ INC, but I also want to have individual employee level logins each with different access/entitlements/groupings within the main XYZ INC private storage area. Would this be a feature that the Maidsafe network would be able to facilitate? Would this be done by something like having the private storage split/designated into smaller segments similar to a partitioned area as new users are created or am I just over thinking this?..I’m a little behind on the logic of the vaults, etc…lol!



Something I’ve been pondering also:

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