Public notebook on everything about SAFE Network

Edit the wiki directly on maidsage. You can easily edit smaller portions at a time. (Feel free to number sections so that I can match them up in the English version.)

what do you mean by numbering sections?

edit: if I understand, them are already numbered I will just translate the words next to them and inside the sections

There are subsections without a subsection number. Such as Getting up to speed, under 1.1 Basic Level.The subsection could be numbered 1.1.1. But it’s not really necessary if there are only two subsections, so I leave it up to you. No worries!

ok I got it now! time to work!

last question, I was thinking about linking or including hidden english text that if a user wants to see the english translation can just press the link or the button to show the engish text, how can I do that cause I dont see it possible in the syntax instructions in dokuwiki syntax page?

I just installed the “hidden text” plugin. Use <hidden>hidden text here</hidden>

great! now even if my translation is bad someone can read the english text to be sure he has taken the correct knowledge!

Another way to see what has changed - use Github’s diff function. There should be daily auto-commits appearing here:

After running your translation through Google translate: Looks great! I tried to learn Greek at school for one year but I had to give up - I am not a language person. I found Japanese easier to read for some reason.

maybe Greek is more difficult because the letters are familiar and you cannot make the new connections, but with Japanese that they have unique letters its easier to learn.

as for the translation part, I did some parts today, will continue tomorrow! I have a bit fuzzy head, doing some minor spell errors that I would like to avoid doing by getting rest and continuing tomorrow

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Completed work on Appendix E, in particular patent search which is considered complete. I suppose the primary purpose of the patents is to protect future users and app creators from patent infringement claims against them. Publishing ideas in the open is great for that. Holding key patents is even better.

Located some authoritative resources to start work on Sections 3 and 4 on understanding how SAFE Network will work, and to map out all the areas of potential vulnerabilities.


I had to recover from a spam bot take-over yesterday. After a big clean-up I added captcha for sign-up, disabled creation of personal profile pages, and most importantly restricted creation of new pages.

Also put an approval process in place for edits of the English namespace. Anything other than obvious spam will be approved periodically.

Updated some content and cleaned up.

Edit: Added a brief summary of QUIC and quic-p2p. I am lazy and need a short-form for MAID Safe and SAFE Network: I’ll use MDSF and SFNW.


Price of fame, you must be getting noticed now. That is good news actually.


I have expanded the introductory section on Kademlia routing, and XOR space.

This is what people on this forum were talking about in 2016. I listened to historical podcast episode 21 of 2015, and of course read @dirvine’s 2014 blogpost.

Still a long way to go to catch up with everyone here!


That’s nice! Cake on the 1-year anniversary of finally creating an account on this forum. I did it after learning of the requirement to have reached a certain Trust level in order to join alpha testing.
Wiki updates: Dedicated pages for most Chapters, making the wiki much easier to access.
Also added some first notes on quic-p2p, parsec, and vault crates.