Public notebook on everything about SAFE Network

Willie, I thought from the Dev forum that you had WHM working? I used it myself the other day (to set up the svelte demo) so it should be fine - exactly the way you stated I think.

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I got it working on the mock network. Now when I try on the alpha - - using web-hosting-manager-v0.5.1-linux-x64 NOT -dev I got an error.

Thankfully - or annoyingly - when I tried it again just there to get a screenshot of the error- it worked perfectly.

So good news - for now at least.
But def something weird cos I could reproduce that error several times. The ONLY thing I can think of that MIGHT have been different was I did these steps in this order this time.

  • start safe-browser from terminal NON -dev
  • in new terminal tab : pkill -e node && sudo umount ~/SAFE
  • cd safe-drive && node bin.js
  • in new terminal tab : cd web-hosting-manager-v0.5.1-linux-x64
  • ./web-hosting-manager

Previously I was NOT starting SAFE-drive in between, though I cannot see why that would make any difference at all

NODE_ENV is unset.

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I will look into it asap, when I get a chance.
Edit: Please try once more. I have resolved the issue by disabling password auto-generation at registration, which relies on email to send the password. I prefer not to run an email server, to keep things simple.


There, fixed that for you :rofl:

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Looks good! I’ve made a couple of edits, the main one being SafeNet to SAFE Network. So is the idea that you’ll update it as you do your own research?


Yes, I want to create a concise and technically accurate snapshot of where we are at today. First I will incorporate what I learn from the forum every day, add my how-tos, and later I could take up a gating open item.
I hope that sharing this will save time and making more community time available for addressing open items, building on solid common ground.
Corrections and tweaks are very helpful too. Thanks!


The wiki is growing slowly and steadily. I have started numbering major sections, but things are still very fluid. I was also happy to welcome the first edits, which will become important as the content starts to become a reference, but that may take a while.

The history and latest wiki content is now publicly available to the community via Github: Changes are committed and pushed to this repository daily. I have not looked into how to convert it into pdf or formatted text but what is most important at this point is to free the content.

Edit: And added a special SAFENetwork-under-construction logo.
Edit: Made various improvements for achieving a better readability as well.


should I make a greek version? so greek people that dont read fluid english may have a chance and look into our project?


I agree based on my own experience that accessibility is greatly improved through translation, especially into languages with different writing systems.
I have added two language options (el, bg) for now using a dokuwiki translations plugin.

There are two caveats:
This wiki is only two weeks old and the content may still change a lot or be reorganized into multiple pages. (I also hope edits by others will make the wiki a product of many rather than just one author, and thereby more worthy of accurate translation.)
Second, there is some risk in that I cannot easily review the content for violation of the basic rules. I will trust members of this forum not to do anything illegal or inappropriate and report any issues in this thread.


isnt there a way of making translations to that wiki a one to one thing? I mean once there is an english version the greek version would have “articles available for translation to x language” where I then can check everyday and translate what has changed/added?

I don’t know. Anyone have experience with Dokuwiki and translation? Due to my lack of time this needs to stay simple.

I will search for it and come back! new to all this stuff myself!

edit: didnt find anything usefull

should I directly edit in the dokuwiki in maidsage or should I do it in github somehow?

To see the latest changes you can use the “history” icon on the right.

I (we) can promise (to each other) not to move stuff around too often and post here if I (we) do. I think that the structure of the wiki will not change much, and plan to only add information.

However, I am avoiding making links to particular sections because they might break.

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ok! great tool! so once I have finished translated what is already there I can check on that history everyday!

Edit the wiki directly on maidsage. You can easily edit smaller portions at a time. (Feel free to number sections so that I can match them up in the English version.)

what do you mean by numbering sections?

edit: if I understand, them are already numbered I will just translate the words next to them and inside the sections

There are subsections without a subsection number. Such as Getting up to speed, under 1.1 Basic Level.The subsection could be numbered 1.1.1. But it’s not really necessary if there are only two subsections, so I leave it up to you. No worries!

ok I got it now! time to work!

last question, I was thinking about linking or including hidden english text that if a user wants to see the english translation can just press the link or the button to show the engish text, how can I do that cause I dont see it possible in the syntax instructions in dokuwiki syntax page?