Public/Government Security Lists

The wife will be starting a new job soon and she nonchalantly mentioned something about a security check that they would be running on her prior to starting.
It’s a job in the pharma industry and the check is to ensure that she has no affiliation to any animal rights groups, has never been involved with protests relating to testing on animals, or has any personal/public views that might cause ‘issues’ in her employment.
Apparently she’s been through this procedure a couple of times with other jobs that she’s had, which is why she wasn’t too fazed by it, but I did find it a disturbing reminder that there really are ‘lists’ out there and that there are private/government organisations that collate this sort of information which can be used against you.

I went through SC clearance about 10 years ago but didn’t ever really think about them checking social media, although perhaps they didn’t delve too deeply at the time since Facebook was in its relative infancy.
But If I ever went through SC or DV clearance again, I do wonder if I have ever posted anything seemingly innocuous that could be considered a risk and would prevent me getting clearance for a government/military role.

The Safe network can’t come quickly enough.


Of course anything you post in a public forum on SAFE can also be gathered by these list makers.

At least with SAFE you will/should be able to limit your postings to those people you want to see it and list markers cannot. It will be wise to choose your friends carefully because anyone can copy digital data.