Protonmail on Tor info page has interesting assessment of US and Uk

“Even Western democracies such as the US have not been immune to this trend, which is most starkly illustrated by the forced enlistment of US tech companies into the US surveillance apparatus. In fact, we have reached the point where it simply not possible to run a privacy and security focused service in the US or in the UK.”


How does this compare to say @Jabba?
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Stupid typing error. Sorry. I didn’t mean either compared to you, @Jabba. :slight_smile:

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My opinion is totally unqualified. I think I remember @anon81773980 recommending tutanota to me. :grin:


I think Protonmail is doing an amazing job. We would all love SAFE to “fix it all” but normal email on the clearweb will be available for years to come.


I have tried both - Protonmail is a lot more polished than Tutanota (Tutanota lacks a search function) but Tutanota is cheaper. The other major encrypted mail service is Startmail, based in Holland, which encrypts everything server side (supposedly more secure than using JavaScript on the client). Others include mailfence (Belgium), Topmail (South Africa), SubRosa (Panama) - they are functionally similar to ProtonMail but I can’t comment on which is the more secure.