ProtonMail Beta


You may have heard about it or just read this topic

But ProtonMail is finally here in beta, you can request an invite here:

I’ve got the chance to play around a little. I love simple things and even more when they are efficient. Beside your username to log into your ProtonMail account you need 2 PASSWORDS. 1 to log into your account and 1 to log into your mailbox. You have end2end encryption, but your email still runs through their servers based in Switzerland.

Obviously I’m not a fan of 3 things needed to login. On the Bitcoin level if you would combine and Bitid than you would allready have a great way to login. SQRL is allmost finished and that’s another great way to login quickly. I really hope to see more services switch over to a superquick and secure way to login. Enough of my consumer feedback.

If you want a secure email look no further ( get an invite for your shiny Protonmail account. I’m sure some time in the future they will be running on Maidsafe so get yours.


Well it’s email, it must run on some sort of server with a valid DNS/MX/SPF record.
Even if you run your own server and store data on the SAFE network, you’d find it very difficult to achieve a similar level of security at that cost.
I think they are doing a decent job. The interface is a bit Squirrelmailish, but that’s fine.

The SAFE network could use P2P file-based messaging (completely different from email, of course) whereby one would encrypt messages with another’s public key and save it to the network.



ProtonMail was seriously trashed on security by the MailPile guys on twitter - not sure if they wrote it up but it made the ProtonMail guys sound like they didn’t understand security at all.

June 22, 2014 Twitter critique:

Later this seems to have been validated by…

July 7, 2014 ProtonMail hack:


Thanks @happybeing, I should have done my home work better. Thanks for pointing to the facts… Guess I have to wait for Darkmail or Mailpile and never talk again about Protonmail ourelse i’ll get Blackmail.


Not at all, this hasn’t been reported AFAIK, I remembered seeing it on twitter and dug it out. This is a community of growing knowledge that we all hold pieces of. Kind of like Project SAFE :wink:


Not sure if anyone here has heard about it but XCurreny (XC) is already a decentralized anon platform with encrypted messaging…and they say that they trump Protonmail. They are still in development and are just now discussing Web 3.0 applications…with an encrypted/anon ‘Skype’ on their roadmap

"Much Like Maidsafe’s decentralized Internet, XCurrency’s team is seeking to incorporate a blockchain-hosted Web (sic)"

Now, I believe the above quote is incorrect as Maidsafe is not based on a blockchain; Safecoin is.

But…I was wondering what folks might think of this.

Edit to Add - “Introducing XChat: more private than BitTorrent Bleep and more secure than Protonmail”


XChat - instant messaging, not email.
In that field, BitMessage is available today and you can use it now.


Both Maidsafe and Safecoin are not hosted on a blockchain


@Ryan just to make sure there is no confusion, safecoin is not hosted on a blockchain as @melvin also points out