Prospective SAFEnetwork cryptopuzzle

Does anyone want to help me develop a puzzle for the Testnet… While we’re waiting? I’ll put a maidsafecoin bounty in it and host it on the Safenet. I’d rather collaborate tho. Any volunteers? If you’re not familiar with my work, check me out on Twitter @coin_artist. I already have some ideas brewing, but am open to hearing all creative ideas.


I like the idea… something like Kryptos with a few layers of increasing complexity, might be good longstanding fun for the main net and then the testnet a good opportunity to trial that. Answers hidden at an address that can only be found by solving a puzzle, perhaps. I’d suggest only something that is possible without niche skills; so, less like, Cicada 3301, which is just an opportunity for geeks to burn time; and more something that requires intellect and perhaps a little research - a great puzzle should be really open to anyone to solve… Puzzle Is For Everyone.

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Sounds like I can just plan to host the puzzle on the live network, woo hoo!

I think you’re right, a simple, fun, but entertaining puzzle; challenging enough to be engaging but not horribly frustrating.

I’ll leave the cicada 3301 challenges for next time :wink:

I’m starting to draft the puzzle today. I’ll plan my release around the price of Maidsafecoin, as a means to draw attention to the Safe Network.

I’m going to fund the puzzle prize with 1 BTC of Maidsafecoin, I may decide to increase the prize, we’ll see.


I successfully launched a bitcoin puzzle, but since Maidsafe is still not entirely user friendly I had to forgo implementing the safenetwork into this particular puzzle. However the inspiration of the puzzle was largely inspired by David Irvine’s vision of the Safenetwork. Perhaps one day, I will build something directly on the Safenetwork. But for now, the puzzle was launched and a healthy puzzle solving thread has developed on;all