Prosecuting CEOs one of the best ways to reduce the money wasted on them

Mitt Romney is a good example. He made his money by making other people worse off. Normally that is called theft and fraud and is a crime. If he had gone to jail he likely wouldn’t have become rich enough through was should have been recognized in law as crime to use his money to foist himself on the Olympics and Massachusetts would have been spared the damage he did as governor and the country would have been able to avoid having him run for President on a fraudulent war platform.

People on the left have labeled Carly Fiorina as a pathological liar and claim she ran HP into the ground and was fired for doing so. Now she is running for president on that record of failure. And notice that in the debates all she did was spew lies. She wanted to save the poor American military from a trillion dollar a year budge where we already spend something like 10x the rest of the world combined for a questionable return. So she was saying she wanted to radically increase the US defense budget but to what purpose and at what cost to a system that is already at its breaking point. So we see her trying to lie her way into the presidency just like Romney. Remember Romney calling Tesla a loser in the presidential debates? If Carly Fiorina is a pathological liar as some some claim she its it would have been quite plausible that with working laws she would not have lasted long enough to destroy HP and wouldn’t be in a position now to try to destroy the country with lies. Just like with Romney her lies will probably come to the surface but you don’t want committed liars with their fingers on the button.

Prosecuting magic eight all excellent sheep CEOs reduces their royalists brand and can help us get rid of that brand and role all together or at least to cut out the totally unnecessary gross amounts of money we waste on it that would be much better off going to workers.

Who picks?

Patrick Byrne is constantly being sued of prosecuted by the government for one thing or another. He claims it is retaliation for his whistle blowing.

Using the tools of tyranny to produce freedom is a ridiculous notion. A corrupt system will never prosecute itself. You need to clean that ridiculous idea right out of your head.


There is a difference between say the current state of Norway and the 3rd Reich or the just as bad older Mercantile Norway.

No there isn’t.

Any state that falls into the wrong hands can be just as evil. Usually they become evil overzealous prosecution of good worthwhile causes. Pretty much like your posts. Or Donald Trumps rants.

“Something needs to be stopped at all costs, so I am going to seize power and use the power to do what needs done” Then you have power, you have practice using it, and you quickly find other causes worthy of weilding it against. Like people trying to interfere with your claim on power.

Power is dangerous. The state is the most dangerous form of power. You love the idea, even though you hate the result. But the idea always leads to the result.


The state is just the power you fear most. There is no most dangerous form. Perhaps you fear the state more because you don’t have as many ties to the state power as you do to corporate power.

Corporate powers wield the state as it’s weapon.

When corporate power is dangerous, it is because the state protects it to allow it to become “too big to fail dangerous”

In a free market competition would come along and oust evil actors. That is difficult to do when you have regulatory capture and any competing power needs permission from the state to operate, and the incumbents provide the state with the regulators who set the rules.


Corporations are a byproduct of the state apparatus.


Again if it has a management and share holders its an extractive tyrannical structure that isn’t good enough and has problems that competition won’t solve. Its just fiefdoms all over again. The corporatists are always arging for slavery. We aren’t sheep, we dont need bosses. The employer employee structure needs to be abolished, it just more master servant prattle.

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What about Murder Inc? The state had nothing to do with that. Corporations have nothing to do with statism and you can have corporate style organization without authorization from states or without legality.

It is true to have a legally registered corporation you need the state but why act as if somehow corporate power requires a state? It doesn’t. It just requires people with guns and money.

If there were no state then there would be families. Families can function the same as states do now.

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It’s funny how many libertarians are okay with private prisons. I guess it’s okay as long as its private ownership of other human beings?

Otherwise all libertarians should push to abolish private prisons and prison in general. I don’t see that happening though.

Libertarianism promotes dependency just as socialism does, only on different powers. Socialists promote dependency on the government while libertarians promote dependency on employment in large corporations.

Neither are promoting self sufficiency unless you’re talking about geolibertarianism. In general self sufficiency would mean promoting automation, and relying on that automation to free human workers. If automation is ubiquitous, if AI is ubiquitous, then it doesn’t matter if it’s communism or capitalism, as long as human beings don’t have to work for food and shelter.

Let the machines do the work. Be a farmer of computation, of machines. Obtain self sufficiency through automated labor sources. Ownership is fine as long as you own machines and not people.

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I like it! Well put.

Actually for the most part, Libertarians promote empty prisons.

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Funny thing is I’d think most libertarians also can’t stand the cult of personality and hate inflated stuff.