Proposals for weekly update improvements

Was wondering, would it be helpful that with every weekly update, that the team also posts anything they want the community to do in order to help them? Whether it’s related to marketing or development etc.

A few examples would be : “We need help finding new developers for coding the new browser in python” or “we need people to give more feedback on the Graphic user interface of our browsers” or “We would like to be listed on a new exchange, would the community consider writing a request new listing type support ticket to help us get noticed” or " We need someone to design a good introductory video" etc. etc.

Basically, the idea is that, instead of purely leaving it as “anyone can contribute in any way they want”, it might be more helpful to give more specific and goal directed things to the community, so those that want to contribute, instead of having to “invent” a way themselves to contribute, they’re given a clearer, more tangible task in which they can choose to do voluntarily.

As a fairly small community i feel this might help, as the team will also be able to leverage some efforts from the community, and could offer MAID tokens as reward too, and it could be very simple actions too such as “make a post about the Safenetwork and link the introductory video on your Facebook feed” for 5 MAID reward, as an example.


Make the technical updates easy to understand for nontechies.


Yep that’ll be helpful too. Many projects are doing video development updates, so all the members can see a person speaking about it, it adds a more personal feel which can make the team seem more trustworthy to people, as it adds a face behind the tex that they can see there’s actually a person, or even better, a team of people, working on this, and videoing themselves while giving updates on it.


Short videos. 90 seconds long. Crisp and to the point. Best way of doing it.


Yeah it would help no question but for now I’ll be miffed if I could justify someone at Maidsafe taking the amount of time out of their week (would be at least an hours work from start to finish) to prep the said video each time. More important things to spend that hour on at the present time imho.

The other idea re suggesting if there’s anything specifically we can help with (particularly outreach) has some merit :+1:

Maybe @SarahPentland or @DugCampbell could do one based on the published update which gets added to it the next day.

Or if that is too onerous a short monthly video update which pulls together what’s happened in the preceding month, and diarises any upcoming events.


The general update video say once a month sounds a nice idea @happybeing

I probably should explain ‘more important things to do’ wasn’t meant to exclude the less technical folk from the equation, not in the slightest.

Trying to condense the Technical overview provided into a short weekly video that can be explained to the non-tech literate would take an enormous amount of skill.

It takes a pretty rare person that has the skills to communicate complicated and difficult concepts in a simple enough way that most ordinary folk can comfortably understand and not find ambiguous or opaque.

Tbh we get super lucky here both David and despite his infrequent appearances Viv both have this knack but both would I’m sure rightly prefer to have their heads buried on other more pressing concerns than having to provide material for or vett content for such a video.

The reason I mentioned those two guys in particular is that in this case you need someone like those two that have an intimate knowledge of the project to ensure the correct message is being put out there.

I think that point was shown up in the last video (Crypto Lark) where an on the spot message couldn’t be relayed re network spam, you need experienced eyes at least running over any such script prior to release which will be a drain on resource however small it may seem externally.

But I digress, and I guess will ask given only one spare hour of the week by the marketing department (removing your speculator hat) who should they spend that hour targeting at the present time:
a) the follower who doesn’t have a tech background and desperately looks for hints of progress whilst trying to decipher the weekly hieroglyphs in the Dev update and provide them the 90sec video
b) put that hour towards tech articles and further outreach attempts aimed at attempting to attract coders and technical early adopters.

ELI5 videos would be a god send for many yep for sure but what do they really achieve for the health of the network at the present moment.

Given a scenario where everyone at Maidsafe was sitting on their hands doing nothing then sure go for it but we all know their not, their working their tails off, so resource allocation (even if it’s only an hour) becomes an important priority when assessing the merits of these sorts of ideas and in turn how they end up being presented.


I think a regular video would be a great idea and shouldn’t be too hard so long as it’s kept simple. Here’s a basic idea for a 90 sec video script based on this week’s update.


[Backdrop of the DevCon graphic and URL to live stream]

Our big news this week is our upcoming Developers Conference. If you can’t make it to Ayr, Scotland in person, just make sure you tune in to the live stream. We’ll be recording it too so you can always catch up later.

[Pics of Nick and Sarah and / or Ernie and CryptoLark]

If you can’t wait to satisfy your cravings for MaidSafe media check out Sarah’s interview with Cryptolark and Nick’s chat with the always entertaining - if slightly bonkers - Ernie Hancock. There are links to both under this video.

[Pic of Lionel and Nikita or an iPhone]

What else is happening? Well Lionel and Nikita have been good progress with Java and C sharp APIs, moving closer to the day when SAFE Network apps will be on our smartphones.

[Pic of Marcin]

And Marcin has been updating the API to make it harder to write unsafe code on SAFE Network. SAFE and unsafe just don’t mix.

[SAFE logo]

That’s it for this week. Remember MaidSafe Dev updates are published every Thursday at See you there!



Funny, we have been discussing this and have bought and starting experimenting (very early stages) with camera and audio equipment in order to produce dev update explainers. The DevCon and a couple of things have eaten into our time the past couple of weeks so this is probably something we will start in a few weeks time. Good to know we are on the same wave length. Not sure how these will work out but we’ll soon find out!


As @nicklambert mentioned, video as a concept is something that we’re currently working on and we’re keen to do something here sooner rather than later (he says, having been carrying a camera and tripod on a commute for a few weeks now…) :wink: Given that DevCon’s only a week away, it’ll likely be after that but it’s definitely on the agenda


Ha! @JPL just pointed me here after I suggested same in a new thread … I searched in advance too … somehow didn’t show up on the list of similar topics.

On my Safe Crypto Show I read through the weekly update posted by the MAIDSAFE team … and while that’s all fine and good … I do wish there was something more official and better presented (yes … it’s true … I suck!) … Today I was scanning around my news feeds and discovered that a project that I have in the past been invested in (not in ATM), CREDITS, has been posting updates on youtube.

Recent Example:

IMO, if MAIDSAFE did something like this every week with their update as a bit of a script it would attract attention from people on youtube and would help market the ideas to a wider audience – some people that will not share a forum post will share a video.

Not to un-toot … de-toot? my own horn here, but my video’s don’t get a lot of pull as I’m targeting a different audience I think - plus my shows are much longer than a simple update video would be. My aim has been to attract people interested in general crypto news and then force feed them some MAIDSAFE news at the end … hehehe - I’m soo devious! lol Not that it’s working very well yet … still working to build an audience.

If MAIDSAFE were to do a weekly update video though, and post it on their official channel it would certainly get a lot more attention, more shares and would help build the audience on MAIDSAFE’s youtube channel (I also strongly encourage that MAIDSAFE get a steemit blog too and post there as well - it’s helped my channel a lot as everyone there is already into crypto).

The upshot here is that when MAIDSAFE posts really in-depth video’s and also when they get closer to launch, the audience will be several times more than it is now. Regular video’s on a channel build audience much better than random occasional ones.

Please consider!


Yes this came up recently - a weekly 2 - 3 min video shouldn’t be too hard to do. Doesn’t need any flashy effects, just keeping people in the loop. I really like your shows by the way - haven’t missed one yet - but you’re right, it needs to be in a different style for a different audience.


This something @dugcampbell and I have been discussing recently and would really like to do. We are looking into the best way to go about it and trying to find the time to record. Rest assured - it is on the cards


If you want any tips I can offer what little knowledge I’ve built up in doing my weekly show the past few months. I use vokoscreen for video capture and openshot for video and audio editing both free on Linux. For sound I use vokoscreen if just myself or for multiple people I use and then glue it all together with openshot.

Please ask if you have any questions or issues - I am happy to assist.