Proposal: Themes

Accounts should have a theme: a color scheme, a background image, notification sounds, a whole unique look-and-feel.

Please don’t laugh, I’m not proposing this because it’s cute (though it sure is); it is for security.

When I get home, I feel home: the things around me are familiar, I know I’m in a SAFE environment (and if something is out of place, I would spot it without any conscious effort; it’s automatic). Similarly, my Chrome accounts are themed differently: I immediately know if it’s my “work browser” or my “play browser” just by looking at what color my tabs are, or the puppy or the kitty in the corner. Qubes OS uses a similar concept to visually differentiate between the “security domain” (implemented as a VM) that a window belongs to:

(Qubes OS

The implementation is super simple. Themes are just data, stored in the cloud as everything else. When I log on with my account, the launcher downloads the theme referenced by it, and it makes it available to the apps. If an app shows up with the proper theme, I can be sure that it went through the launcher, and it’s not just a look-alike.

Also, it will help differentiate between my multiple identities, when the launcher supports logging on to more than one at the same time (as it should.)


Yeah, I highly support local themes, rather than owner themes from the safenet. The goal in mind is giving out data. Not random junk data that means nothing but to give out a nice looks like what we have today. I really like to return to 90s web style. This way, you could customize the theme, and still able to read the owner’s data.

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@Grizmoblust, you completely missed the point. Having “nice looks” is just a lovely side effect of a convenient method to ensure that you can see without thinking that you’re using what you think you’re using.

Local themes, however, are just that: nice looks.

No. There are way too many scripts in current internet. Have you install scriptblock? You would be amazed how much junk scripts it is being used. It’s ridiculous. If you block all of the scripts, the web is not functional. So you have to run the scripts, which means it could be malicious even if that scripts allows you to see the website… Back in 90s, all there was is just plain html. html isn’t a script language.

Local themes > ownership themes. We need to ditch the idea of server/ownership themes.

I support this idea. BTW.