Proposal - MAIDSAFE official weekly updates on Youtube & Steemit

On my Safe Crypto Show I read through the weekly update posted by the MAIDSAFE team … and while that’s all fine and good … I do wish there was something more official and better presented (yes … it’s true … I suck!) … Today I was scanning around my news feeds and discovered that a project that I have in the past been invested in (not in ATM), CREDITS, has been posting updates on youtube.

Recent Example:

IMO, if MAIDSAFE did something like this every week with their update as a bit of a script it would attract attention from people on youtube and would help market the ideas to a wider audience – some people that will not share a forum post will share a video.

Not to un-toot … de-toot? my own horn here, but my video’s don’t get a lot of pull as I’m targeting a different audience I think - plus my shows are much longer than a simple update video would be. My aim has been to attract people interested in general crypto news and then force feed them some MAIDSAFE news at the end … hehehe - I’m soo devious! lol Not that it’s working very well yet … still working to build an audience.

If MAIDSAFE were to do a weekly update video though, and post it on their official channel it would certainly get a lot more attention, more shares and would help build the audience on MAIDSAFE’s youtube channel (I also strongly encourage that MAIDSAFE get a steemit blog too and post there as well - it’s helped my channel a lot as everyone there is already into crypto).

The upshot here is that when MAIDSAFE posts really in-depth video’s and also when they get closer to launch, the audience will be several times more than it is now. Regular video’s on a channel build audience much better than random occasional ones.

Please consider!


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