Proof of unique Human is not a problem, says peanuts


Just got an email from peanuts the dog:

Hey Chris, why are the silly humans trying to solve this uniqueness problem via sight and sound. Don’t you know that paranoid humans tape over their webcams and disable their mics?

My animal brothers and sisters are pretty clever with their fancy sense of sight and sound, but they cannot beat a dogs sense of smell. As Paul McCartney once said “Man I can smell your breath a mile away”

Look! I know the internet of things is almost on us and we could probably use sensors for this problem, but we get friggin bored hanging round the house all day…why not put us to use? I mean c’mon, you’ve got Dogecoin, their showing the way in this area, were cute…SAFEcoin should get their shit together on this.

Why not just station a few of us alongside the SAFEcoin vending machines and we’ll sniff out the imposters trying to steal the biccy’s

Look! you don’t win the worlds ugliest dog competition if you not smart, so I’m telling you this is the real deal

And always remember this: Dogs are the best people!!!


Peanuts (Worlds ugliest dog…and proud of it)


Lol… as in Terminator.