Project Spotlight:Maidsafe and PARSEC Part 1, 2 & 3

Anybody else read these yet? Hoping to find the time in a couple of hours to read them.


Yes, well explained and good read!


Deeply explored and well argued. These are some of the best explanations of the SafeNetwork tech


Just weird that he seems to be genuinely excited about the project, but:

“Disclaimer: I do not hold MAID and have no plans to buy.”

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maybe he’s a bitcoin millionaire? Not everyone wants to become a billionaire :stuck_out_tongue: #SafeCoinBillionaire :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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Added here:


@Antifragile Just took your advice and did the same!


Way of the world I’m afraid. Moaning is easier than doing.


It probably sounds more negative than it was meant to be, I just get frustrated at times because people assume that when I write about a project its because Im doing so to promote my own holdings whereas usually (nearly always) its just because the ideas and tech being worked on genuinely excite me and I love sharing those things with people, especially when it’s a project that perhaps doesn’t get the publicity other much less deserving ones do.

Sadly I also think the best technology isn’t necessarily rewarded by the markets. My holdings are very different to what I would list as the best technology for example.


As someone who doesn’t have the biggest following at present, I can also add that people doing this is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately with Reddit and Medium I’m competing with bot armies and dedicated groups who share, upvote nonstop etc. So thank you for your action!


@Antifragile Couldn’t agree more :smile: Medium is on the verge of turning into a powerhouse (for a whole range of reasons) and people who support (the best) articles by giving them 50 claps are really helping to give that material (and the projects) a sustained visibility that really helps us all out


While I was giving your articles my max 50 claps each, I was thinking there has got to be a bot for this. Regardless, I’ll keep giving my 50 claps to the articles that deserve it and I especially liked that you took a neutral position on the speculative possibilities of the project and instead, enthusiastically tackled the tech. You made a follower of me on medium :slight_smile:


Thank you!

I wish all communities were this positive and supportive haha

10 Likes It seems first part of your article is missing something after “X” in this sentence “Partially synchronous protocols come to a consensus every X The protocol instead needs a different means to decide when all nodes are able to come to a consensus.”

Also (if Medium permits updating already published articles) I recommend to link between the parts, e.g. at the bottom of them. (ah, article parts are interlinked - sorry for commenting before reading)


Thank you! Ive fixed.

5 Likes Did you perhaps - in 3rd part in text " it does so without relying on synchrony" - mean synchronicity?

Thanks a lot for that 3-part article!