Project SAFE Versus 'The Capital machine'


Possibly the most important video series you will ever understand what is unfolding

ProjectSAFE is quite literally combatting ‘The Capital Machine’ and it’s top down, Chinese style control mechanisms.

Why is the great boot from the sky coming down to crush you?

This 5 part series by Damon Vabel is essential viewing to realize what is happening right now, shot around 4 years ago…it is now playing out. The link is to lessons 4 + 5 which spell out the current and future predicament, but also well worth backtracking to lessons 1-3 to understand ‘The Capital machine’


Just watched all of this and I agree with the chap and good explanations of present situation. I was trying to point out on another thread “democracy leading to predatory majority” or some such, that this is the issue, not Democracy or Taxation, but the hijacking of both by banking/Corporate interests. The problem is the Capitalist Debt Based Market System.
I think others should watch this…


Yes all other arguments are regarding ‘the rules’ of the game, not the game itself…so the ability to come together and change the game to humanitys advantage are lost in the squabble.

So this is what SAFE is up against…it should help us against the top down control mechanism, but I doubt it will have much effect on the machine itself.

All the cryptos rely on debt money in some way, so maybe SAFE v2 can be designed as a closed loop value exchange system. I guess it would effectively become that if nobody was willing to sell SAFEcoin for debt.

I like the idea of SAFEcoin in times like these…I think it’s portability is one of it’s biggest plusses. Gold and gems have been the portable assets of choice forever in times of trouble, but unfortunately their easily detected in this age.


I initially thought that’s what it would be but didn’t appear to be a way forward due to various issues. I was just looking at an end point of having a global non debt based currency, and that this would be Safecoin. The consensus was that for a free market to flourish, competition between cryptocurrencies should be encouraged - I believed Safecoin should be privileged as much as possible. I thought achieving the end goal would in reality help a true free market to flourish, because everyone’s using the same measure.

This is the problem, we need to stop playing Monopoly and play a completely new game.