Project SAFE Launch Party


I somewhat surprised that this hasn’t yet featured in the roadmap, this is a project hatched in Scotland after all, and having propped up the occasional Whisky Bar (including the MacDonald Rusacks Hotel which some of you may know), am thoroughly looking forward to it. @Ross you’re slipping man, time for a roadmap update ;-). What, I’m not invited? Eh? Awww. I’ll wear the free T-shirt? Buy you a bottle of Malt? Ahh, good, all good.


I think this was mentioned on here a while back but couldn’t find the thread. We’re all a pretty unassuming lot and I imagine it would be something low key in a local bar. Likely to be pretty messy affair though followed by some deep fried Mars bars and plenty of sleep!


I have never been to Scotland and would love to use this as an excuse.


@MrAnderson We’ve just got to wangle invites somewhow :slight_smile:


I think that’s the easiest part :smiley:


Chaufer driven limo to pick us up?

Well, ok, but I can’t get my boat up the A1 unless the schedule slips enough for global sea levels to eliminate Cumbria.

After all these long shifts @dirvine, you folks might need a holiday more than a party though!


A nice Sikh family just today asked if I’d consider decorating their house in Glasgow - they offered for me to stay and said they’d feed me Indian food all the time whilst there…lol. I wanted to help out but was thinking that really it’s a bit out of my way…as I live in Old Trafford. I may reconsider if it’s anywhere near Troon…? lol In fact I fancy a holiday and I was recently watching a talk by who I think is the Scottish Culture Minister - (a guy by the name of Rab C Nesbitt ). Sounds like a lovely part of the world and I’d love a chance to sample the world renowned gourmet food. Anyway, its only a maybe so don’t fret too much…lol